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Spotted Frame Wall Mirror 60 x 120cm
Spotted Frame Wall Mirror 60 x 120cm
Sale: £223.02
Save: 15% off
Petal Design Wall Mirror 118 cm
Petal Design Wall Mirror 118 cm
Sale: £356.89
Save: 15% off
Crossover Design Wall Mirror 110 x 85cm
Crossover Design Wall Mirror 110 x 85cm
Sale: £301.11
Save: 15% off

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Black Glass Mirrors

Black Glass Mirrors:

Black glass framed mirrors were first introduced to UK markets during the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s. Although many of the modern black glass mirrors do still include elements from this period, such as clean lines and symmetry over time they have evolved and black glass is used in a much more creative way to create mirrors that are sleek and ultra-stylish. Black is a powerful colour that makes a bold statement in your home this makes it an extremely popular choice for mirrors. Black brings an elegant feel to your current home décor and will work well with many interior decors either contemporary or traditional. Black glass mirrors can be used to brighten up your home as the combination of black glass and mirror will reflect the light beautifully projecting it around your room. These versatile black framed mirrors will blend seamlessly into almost any room in your home whether it be your living room, dining room, bedroom or any other living space. 

Stylish and Luxurious Black Glass Mirrors:

The depth and warmth that the glossy black glass brings to the modern mirrors means that more often than not these mirrors are used to create a focal point in a room. This style of mirror will complement any art deco home design beautifully as it encompasses elements of the art deco style. From freestanding mirrors to leaner mirrors, wall mirrors and round mirrors you are sure to find a black glass mirror that will blend beautifully into your home. If you are opting for an understated look you may wish to go for one of our triple black glass framed mirrors these offer elegant sleek lines that will add a decorative flair to any wall. If you are looking to achieve more of a statement within your living space one of our effect black glass framed mirrors feature stunning decorative detail in a range of patterns. You can create an elegant, sophisticated feel in your home with one of our black glass mirrors.  If you can’t find the black glass mirror you are looking for please call our experienced customer services team who will be happy to assist you finding the perfect black glass mirror for your home or workplace. 

Quality and Affordable Black Glass Mirrors:

At Exclusive Mirrors we know you are looking to find a stunning black glass mirror that will enhance your current home design, all within a reasonable price range.  That’s why all our mirrors are offered at incredibly affordable prices, allowing you to select a stylish, sleek black glass mirror all within your desired budget.  Each one of our black glass mirrors has been expertly crafted using only the finest materials, this is reflected in the high quality finish. All of our black glass mirrors are exceptionally hardwearing and will last you for many years whilst remaining in pristine condition. We invite you to browse our full range of black glass mirrors. 


9 Circle Mirror 66 x 66cm
Sale: £46.75
Save: 15% off

Black and Clear Glass Mirror 120 x 40cm
£109.00  £60.00
Save: 45% off
Black Corners Wall Mirror 101 x 77 x 2cm
Sale: £106.14
Save: 15% off

Black Glass Border Wall Mirror 60 x 90 x 2cm
Sale: £70.02
Save: 15% off
Black Glass Triple Frame Mirror 120 x 80 cm
Sale: £92.65
Save: 15% off
Black Glass Triple Frame Mirror 80 x 60 cm
Sale: £67.15
Save: 15% off

Black Mirror Frame Mirror 84 x 102cm
Sale: £89.14
Save: 15% off
Black Swirl Wall Mirror 90 x 90 x 2cm
Sale: £91.27
Save: 15% off

Black With Clear Facet Wall Mirror 90 x 70 x 8cm
Sale: £163.52
Save: 15% off
Full Length Black Glass Leaner Mirror 150x60cm
Sale: £102.00
Save: 15% off

Full Length Black Glass Tripple Mirror 150x60cm
Sale: £102.00
Save: 15% off

Glass Framed 'Modena' Mirror 90 x 60 cm
£109.00  £54.00
Save: 50% off
Large Black Glass Framed Mirror 60 x 60cm
Sale: £59.50
Save: 15% off

Large Round Black Glass Framed Mirror 102 cm
Sale: £140.25
Save: 15% off

Plain Venetian Black Mirror 80 x 60cm
Sale: £76.50
Save: 15% off
Round Mirror With Black Mesh Feature 75 cm
Sale: £75.27
Save: 15% off