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This salon has used multiple of our Art Deco mosaic style mirrors. We love how the silver finish of the mirrors contrasts beautifully with the bright red chairs. Shop similar style mirror > Chester Mosaic Frame Full Length Mirror 78.5 x 160cm













This salon has used multiple of our ornate black carved mirrors which contrast perfectly with the fluorescent green wall to create a stunning focal point. Due to their ornate frame these mirrors will make a striking focal point on any wall but when teamed with the contemporary bright green paint these mirror create a serious statement! Shop similar style mirror > Ornate Black Frame Chelsea Mirror 118 x 90cm

Gents Salon 2











This shot was sent to us on Instagram from the Legacy Gents salon who have used multiple of our Gold Abbey mirrors 167 x 81cm in their salon. We love how the gold frame contrast with the dark painted wall creating a striking appearance that is perfectly on trend. Shop mirror > Gold Abbey Leaner Mirror 167 x 81cm

Hairess 47


This stunning image was sent to us by Hairess47 who have used multiple of our gold decorative oval mirrors in their salon. We love how the salon has chosen to use oval mirrors opposed to the more traditional rectangle shaped salon mirrors. The ornate detailing of the mirrors blends perfectly with the French boudior theme of the salon and complements the French damask style wallpaper perfectly. Shop mirror > Gold Decorative Wall Mirror 154 x 102cm