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White and Cream Mirrors

White and Cream Mirrors:

Popular in many design trends from monochrome to French and now shabby chic white mirrors are in extremely high demand. The biggest appeal of white and cream mirrors is that they will blend into any home décor either contemporary or traditional making them extremely versatile. White and cream mirrors can offer a feeling of light and space to your current home environment whilst also helping to brighten it up, this makes them ideal for smaller living spaces or dark areas within your home. White and cream mirrors will blend seamlessly into just about any room in your home whether it be your living room, dining room bedroom or kitchen and with our extensive range you are sure to find one that suits your personal taste. Offered in a range of delicate shades from the purest of white to the pale cream tones of ivory. A white and cream mirror will also complement other shades beautifully whether they are soft pastels or vibrant bold statement colours. 

Stylish and Luxurious White and Cream Mirrors:

Luxurious, elegant and classy are just some of the words chosen to describe the mirror in our white and cream mirrors range. With a broad range of shapes, sizes and frame options you are sure to find a mirror that will enhance your current living space. Our range includes practical free standing mirrors perfect for any dressing room or bedroom as well as classic, traditional wall mirrors perfect for gracing any wall. If you are looking to create a vintage feel in your home one of our heavily ornate cream and white framed mirror would be perfect. However if you are looking for a more contemporary feel one of our stylish round mirror will be perfect finished with a high gloss frame. You can be as creative as you like with cream and white mirrors choosing to select one that will blend seamlessly into your home or choosing an overstated leaner mirror that will create a stunning centrepiece in your home. If you can’t find the white/cream mirror you are looking for please call our experienced customer services team who will be happy to assist you finding the perfect cream or white mirror for your home or workplace. 

Quality and Affordable White and Cream Mirrors:

At Exclusive Mirrors we know you are looking to find the perfect mirror for your home, one that will blend seamlessly into your existing home décor all within a reasonable price range.  That’s why all our mirrors are offered at incredibly affordable prices, allowing you to select a luxurious white or cream mirror all within your budget. Each one of our white and cream mirrors has been delicately crafted with exceptional attention to detail this is reflected in the stunning finish. All of our cream and white mirrors are exceptionally hardwearing and will last you for many years whilst remaining in pristine condition. We invite you to browse our full range of white and cream mirrors. 

Abbey Mirror Rectangle Cream 109.5 x 79cm
Sale: £114.75
Save: 15% off

Antique Cream Oval Mirror 152 x 104cm
Sale: £204.00
Save: 15% off
Antique White Round Multi Mirror 112x112x7cm
Sale: £175.03
Save: 15% off

Bella Fawn Grey Rectangle Mirror 114 x 84 cm
Sale: £178.58
Save: 15% off

Bella Vintage White Rectangle Mirror 114 x 84 cm
Sale: £186.07
Save: 15% off
Black And Cream Porcupine Mirror 82 cm
Sale: £561.00
Save: 15% off
Brisa Oval Mirror 124 x 83 cm
Sale: £135.58
Save: 15% off

Bronte Large Rectangle Cream Mirror 127 x 101 cm
Sale: £145.88
Save: 15% off
Bronte Rectangle Cream Mirror 117 x 86 cm
Sale: £120.88
Save: 15% off

Bronte Square Cream Mirror 69 x 69 cm
Sale: £66.78
Save: 15% off

Cheri Round Fawn Grey Mirror 91 cm
Sale: £186.07
Save: 15% off
Cheri Round Silver Mirror 91 cm
Sale: £186.07
Save: 15% off

Cottage Style Vanity Mirror With Draw 64 x 15 cm
Sale: £150.55
Save: 15% off

Cream Decorative Wall Mirror 154 x 102cm
Sale: £149.60
Save: 15% off
Decorative Round Mirror Antique White 73.5cm
Sale: £119.00
Save: 15% off

Deep Framed Mirror 72 x 92 cm
Sale: £117.81
Save: 15% off
Deep Lime Wash Framed Mirror 92 x 72 x 6 cm
Sale: £117.81
Save: 15% off

Distressed White 'Gardina' Mirror 100 x 75 cm
Sale: £109.65
Save: 15% off

Elsa Fawn Grey Mirror 173 x 74 cm
Sale: £233.75
Save: 15% off
Elyza Leaner Mirror 170 x 81 cm
Sale: £154.28
Save: 15% off
Elyza Rectangle Mirror 122 x 91 cm
Sale: £127.81
Save: 15% off

French Style White Mirror 240 x 150cm
Sale: £296.65
Save: 15% off

Full Length 'Isabella' Cream Mirror 173 x 86 cm
Sale: £211.65
Save: 15% off

Giselle Wall Mirror 122 x 84 cm
Sale: £138.85
Save: 15% off

Hartley Mirror 79 x 79 cm
Sale: £122.30
Save: 15% off
Hetti Round Mirror 100 cm
Sale: £186.07
Save: 15% off

Hilda Antique Cream Mirror 119 x 116 cm
Sale: £242.17
Save: 15% off
Ivory Carved 'Tree' Mirror 136 x 82cm
Sale: £425.00
Save: 15% off
Izzy Vintage Cream Mirror 110 x 80 cm
Sale: £186.07
Save: 15% off

Kellsi Window Effect Cream Mirror 90 x 60 cm
Sale: £68.26
Save: 15% off
Large Antique White Rococo Mirror 96 x 70 cm
Sale: £212.50
Save: 15% off

Large Decorative Cream Mirror 89 x 74cm
Sale: £127.50
Save: 15% off

Large Mirror With White Shaped Frame 178 x 89 cm
Sale: £246.33
Save: 15% off
Large Rectangle 'Window' Mirror 154 x 74 cm
Sale: £169.15
Save: 15% off

Large Round White Gloss Mirror 110 x 110 x 8 cm
Sale: £183.26
Save: 15% off
Large White 'Lille' Mirror 122 x 91 cm
Sale: £407.15
Save: 15% off

Ornate Cream Decorative Mirror 164 x 135cm
Sale: £306.00
Save: 15% off

Oval Mirror With Rustic Cream Frame 90 x 75 cm
Sale: £118.15
Save: 15% off

Rebecca Arched Cream Mirror 95 x 49 cm
Sale: £62.65
Save: 15% off

Ria Ornate Cream Mirror 66 cm
Sale: £60.59
Save: 15% off
Salma Mirror And Candle Holder 76 x 18 cm
Sale: £50.15
Save: 15% off
Silver Square Studs Mirror 100 x 100cm
Sale: £539.75
Save: 15% off

Square White 'Lille' Mirror 91 x 91 cm
Sale: £305.15
Save: 15% off

The 'Roman' Mirror 230 x 145cm
Sale: £786.25
Save: 15% off

White Framed 'Lille' Mirror 183 x 107 cm
Sale: £585.65
Save: 15% off
White Gloss Circular Mirror 89 cm
Sale: £204.68
Save: 15% off