Monthly Archives: October 2010

  1. How to look after your large mirror

    You’ve just decorated your lounge and it’s looking perfect. But there just seems to be something missing. And then you realise that all of your problems could be solved with a large mirror. It’s amazing what an impact a simple mirror can have on your room. Suddenly, there is a focal point to the room and it also helps to make the room look a lot bigger too. You could choose a classic gold antique style mirror for that elegant and sophisticated look, or something more modern to match your minimalist apartment. But no matter which large mirror you decide upon, you’re going to need to know how to keep it clean; particularly if your large mirror is within reach of small children with sticky fingers. To get a sparkling clean mirror, you should use a mixture of one cup of white vinegar with one quarter of warm water. Use a newspaper and crumple it up to clean the mirror by dipping it into the solution and rubbing it in small circles around the mirror. Wipe the wet areas with a dr

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  2. Add life to your child's room with a wall mirror

    A bedroom is much more than somewhere to sleep for children. For a child, their bedroom is an extension of their personality and their interests; it’s the perfect place for them to relax and enjoy themselves. But this is only the case if they have items in their room which suit them and their interests and make them feel at home. You can really add interest and personality to your child’s bedroom just with the help of mirrors; because mirrors don’t simply have to be rectangular or square. For example, if you have your very own princess living under your roof, then some heart shaped wall mirrors are the perfect accessory. She will love trying on the latest fashions in this mirror and making sure she’s the belle of the ball. For your little boy, who is football mad, then a mirror designed to look like a football might be a better idea. He can imagine he’s the star player of the team as he gets ready for his next match in his football shaped wall mirror. There are plenty of di

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