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Monthly Archives: December 2010

  1. Selecting the right mirror for a room

    When you need to buy a mirror for a particular purpose, whether it is for functional or artistic usage, you should consider the room in which it is to be installed. The placement within the room itself is another consideration as it can affect the lighting dramatically. As there are now many different collections of mirrors available online, you will be able to choose the mirror that goes best with a particular theme or type of room. From this diverse range you can select from various sizes and styles of mirror to get what you are looking for. If a traditional mirror design is required for a look you are trying to create in a living room, dining room or bedroom, then you may wish to go for something like a classic gold antique style mirror. For a more contemporary feel in a room you could decide on a large glass framed wall mirror with a design that stands out from the rest. Depending on the room you are buying the mirror for, be it a bathroom, hallway or living area, you c

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  2. Multi facet mirrors to make a statement in any room

    While mirrors are beautifully made to serve their functional purpose so that people can see their reflection in them and also make a room look more spacious, they can also be used to really get people talking and prove to be the focal point in a room. Multi facet mirrors are really special and this range of mirrors are the ideal choice for those looking for a mirror option that is simply more than a functional mirror. Acting more like pieces of artwork, multi facet wall mirrors can be placed as the show piece of a lounge or living room. Take a look at a selection of the multi facet mirrors now available for purchase via the Internet from top mirror retailers. 'Adahra' Large Round Gold/Silver Mirror This 3D-styled mirror would make for a high quality addition to any room and a true style statement in the home. Extra Large 'Pebble' Mirror The ‘Pebble’ is a stunning mirror which draws together smaller oval-shaped mirrors to create a uni

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  3. Novelty mirrors for children

    Whether you are a parent looking to buy a mirror for your child’s room or a teacher in need of a safe mirror for use in the classroom, there are now a number of excellent novelty mirror options you could choose from. These acrylic children’s novelty mirrors are just as shiny and reflective as glass mirrors, but the great benefit of these mirrors is that they are shatterproof, lighter to carry and much safer for children. It is no wonder then that these acrylic mirrors are extremely popular with parents, school teachers, hospital staff and leisure centre workers looking for a suitable alternative to a glass mirror. The flexibility that these mirrors provide means that they can be used in a child’s bedroom, the bathroom, a school classroom, hospital ward or anywhere else required. They also come with full instructions and adhesive pads so they can be fixed quite easily. Amongst the various options available are the Alphabet Mirrored Letters, which can provide hours of fun when a

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  4. Buying a large mirror online

    If you are considering the purchase of a large mirror such as the large glass framed 'Modena' or the Art Deco ‘Horizon’ which are proving to be extremely popular with homeowners everywhere at the moment, then you may not have thought about getting it over the Internet before. For those who have been reticent in the past buying such bulky and fragile items online, you need not worry when ordering from one of the largest suppliers in the United Kingdom. No matter what size of mirror you decide to buy, from the many shapes and sizes available, you can arrange for it to be delivered safely and in one piece by a specialist fragile goods carrier. There are now large and full length mirrors to choose from that would go great with the décor in your home. From the moment you select your mirror you could have it at your door within seven days, depending on the mirror model. It could take longer for special delivery items. These large mirrors are able to create a real wow factor in any h

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  5. Where to place a decorative full length mirror

    When most people think about a full length mirror they may not immediately think of something that can be used as a decorative object to enhance a room, more of a functional item to be used to use when dressing or grooming in the bedroom. However, there are many other benefits to hanging these mirrors. Full length mirrors can make for a beautiful addition to a room and really provide a good focal point, while creating a sense of openness too. These mirrors can be hung up in a dining room, lounge or in the hallway. In fact there are many places where a full length mirror would be ideal as a suitable decorative object. As you would go about placing artwork, you should seriously consider where in the room would be best to get the most out of it. It is important to maximise the beauty of the mirror, so it may be a good decision to position it opposite a window to bring more light into the room. The large size of these full length mirrors makes the most out of the light in any room

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