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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  1. Exclusive Mirrors supplies the world most Exclusive Hotels!

    Over recent months the team at Exclusive Mirrors have been busy working with a number of design teams in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE on a deal to supply some of the worlds best hotels with mirrors for their bedrooms, suites, restaurants and reception areas.... We will be putting some of our most popular mirrors into the lavish resort over the coming months. Lets hope the boss lets me go and photograph them when they are installed.... fingers crossed. Jo x

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  2. A great alternative to artwork

    A beautiful picture or work of art can enhance a room and prove to be the finishing touch to the décor. However, quite often, a mirror can give you the same results as the right kind of selection will work wonders for your home. There are many options open to you when looking to buy a stylish mirror that gives you the same impact that a painting can give. An Art Deco mirror, for instance, is proving to be a popular way for homeowners to adorn their home with a focal point to a lounge area or dining room. This interior design statement can bring a touch of elegance and glamour to the home. Decorative wall mirrors are another type of mirror which comes in all different shapes and sizes to impact on the beauty of a home. Finally, black glass and modern mirrors offer yet another alternative to putting up artwork as the centrepiece of a room as their designs really stand out. The modern styles are very popular in apartments and homes with a contemporary theme to it. Whicheve

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  3. Consider colour when investing in a new mirror

    Mirrors come in an endless variety of different colours nowadays from subtle golds and browns to bright reds and greens, and in order to ensure that the colour of your mirror doesn’t have a detrimental effect on your other decor efforts you need to take a look at the bigger picture. Unless you’re looking to achieve a look which incorporates mismatched decor, look closely at the colour of the furniture, window furnishings and walls within the room in which you are planning to install a new mirror. Many homeowners who find themselves struggling to settle on a mirror which won’t look out of place often opt for black styles, as black mirrors look amazing with almost any type of decor. Black frames are also the perfect choice for those who like to change decor on a regular basis. Similarly, mirrors with neutrally coloured and classic metallic frames can also effortlessly complement many different types of decor. However, if your heart is set on a mirror with a brightly coloured

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  4. Classic or contemporary mirror?

    Every style-conscious homeowner understands just how important mirrors are in achieving stunning home decor, and as they can make or break the look of your home, you need to invest wisely. Mirrors now come in every style and size imaginable- which is indeed a bonus when you are looking for a mirror which could have been made especially for your home. One of the first and most important decisions which you need to make when investing in a new mirror is whether your home would be better suited to a mirror which is of a classic or contemporary style. More classic styles of mirrors look fantastic in traditionally designed homes which are furnished with wooden pieces- especially gold, bronze and ornate mirrors. Wherever you choose to place them, classic mirrors look effortlessly stylish. However, if you prefer your decor a little bolder, and your home is furnished in a more modern fashion, a mirror in a more contemporary style could be more suitable. Contemporary mirrors come in

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  5. Choosing a mirror for your bedroom

    Installing a mirror in your bedroom can add to its beauty and its functionality, and when you’re looking to invest in a new style you’ll find that you’re spoilt for choice. Choosing a new mirror for your bedroom needn’t be overly tricky or time-consuming though, and providing you bear a few things in mind you should be able to find the perfect mirror with ease. The size of the mirror is one of the most important things which you need to bear in mind, as investing in a mirror of the wrong size can have a negative impact on functionality. If your mirror is for decor purposes only, your choices are endless. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a mirror to apply your makeup in or check that your outfit looks pristine before leaving the home, the importance of size can’t be overlooked. Style and colour are also very important factors which require careful consideration. If the decor in your bedroom is classic, a mirror in a contemporary style might look a little mismatched. Si

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  6. The beauty of the rococo mirror

    There are always certain styles that come and go when it comes to interior design. But one that always stands the test of time is the traditional look. Shabby chic furniture and French reproduction furniture has really exploded in popularity in the last few years and now more people are collecting furniture and home accessories to complement this look. It’s a really pretty and romantic style that particularly suits period properties. And a great way to really emphasise a traditional shabby chic style is with the perfect mirror. The mirror to choose, if this is the look you’re aiming for, is the rococo style mirror. There are plenty of different styles in this range and lots of different colours to choose from. For a grand room, you could choose gold, ornate rococo framed mirrors. This really does make an impact on any room and can become the centre piece of your home. For something a little more subtle, a white ornate rococo frame is the perfect option. This simple, but st

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