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Monthly Archives: February 2011

  1. The rise in the popularity of overmantle mirrors

    The use of large mirrors in homes really took off in the 18th century as everyone wanted these beautiful decorations to hang above their mantelpieces. In fact it became like a craze as homeowners grasped on to the realisation that these were becoming luxury furnishings that they simply could not do without. Large overmantle mirrors still needed to be installed with great care, but it was said that a home was not complete without a fireplace mantel with a mirror hanging above it. These added attractions made a statement of refinement and luxury within a room. Not all overmantle mirrors needed to be elaborate either; the simple designs were also popular and these mirrors could be used to decorate the hall, bedroom or living room of a home. Mirrors have traditionally been placed over the fireplace and between the windows. Overmantle mirrors are still popular today and can turn any ordinary room into something which looks quite extraordinary. Their grand size, beautiful architectu

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  2. Placing your large mirror horizontally

    When you think of placing a new mirror which is particularly large in size, the fireplace is usually the first place which springs to mind. This is because these oversized mirrors can be used to create the perfect over-mantle decoration for the room. Horizontal wall mirrors make the fireplace setting even more grand and elaborate. You can buy excellent large mirrors which have been handmade from wood with a beautiful finish in the gold leaf style. These mirrors have been placed over fireplaces horizontally for many years now. Going back to the late 18th century, people used to hang their large mirrors over their mantelpiece and this became a growing trend. The placement of these mirrors to decorate a room is now widespread, whereas back in these times they were usually only found in private European mansions. Nowadays you can buy mirrors in elaborately framed designs which look just great anywhere, but when placed above fireplaces horizontally they immediately become the main

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  3. A few things to remember when cleaning a mirror

    If you have put up a decorative mirror in your hall or bathroom, but over time it has started to lose its shine, then do not fret as you will soon be able to have it gleaming again. When you go about cleaning the mirror to remove the dirt and any discolouration you need to use the right procedure, avoiding spoiling it further. Once cleaned, in the correct manner, you will be able to admire its beauty for many more years yet. Elsewhere you will be able to find advice on how to actually go about cleaning the mirror, but it is important to consider a few things first. Firstly, the frame itself needs to be cleaned differently from the way you go about removing dirt from the surface of the mirror itself. It is also worth pointing out that ingredients such as acids, alkalis and abrasives, should not be used at all during the cleaning process. Do not spray any cleaning solution directly onto the mirror’s surface. The type of mirror you have will determine the cleaning met

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  4. Freshen up a room with a new mirror

    If you are someone who gets bored easily and doesn’t like their home decoration to stay the same for too long, maybe it is time for a redesign. Simply moving around furniture can go some way to reinvigorating the look of your home, but sometimes the addition of a new decoration can really do the trick. The following are new mirrors which have recently been released onto the market and so are designs which will give any room a new focal point and transform it into something remarkable. Large Antique Silver Framed 'Capriani' Mirror This ornate hand-finished mirror comes with a high quality wooden frame and is flexible enough to be hung either as a portrait or landscape decoration. Silver Overmantle 'Abby' Mirror If you are looking for an over mantle mirror, then you can rest assured that this design, which is also available in cream, will be able to provide the focal point for the room. Large 'Shanghai' Mirror This l

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  5. Find the perfect Venetian mirror for your room

    If you are starting the new year with a home makeover and have been redesigning some of the rooms in your home, one way of decorating the walls is to put up a large or extra-large mirror. Venetian mirrors are ideal for this purpose as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your requirements. There are many plus points to choosing a Venetian mirror for a specific room. These mirrors lend themselves quite nicely to most kinds of décor as they are ornate and intricate in nature. The small etched pieces of glass form their own pieces of art whatever the design you choose. Here are two options that could be chosen for your redesigned room: Large Glass Framed '45 Degree' Mirror This bevelled glass mirror is particularly versatile, with its 45 degree cut corners and would go well in almost any room, whether this is traditional or modern. Another benefit is that it can be hung on the wall as either a portrait or landscape mirror. Extra Large

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