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Monthly Archives: March 2011

  1. Are you fitting out a child’s bedroom?

    If you have decided to give your child’s bedroom a complete redecoration or if their room is a bit bare at the moment and could do with something on the walls, then be sure to consider the children’s novelty mirrors which are now available to buy through the internet. These excellent mirrors, suitable for children, are made from acrylic yet still retain a surface which is highly reflective like glass. The major advantage that these mirrors have, when it comes to small children, is that they are shatterproof, light and safer for them to use. As a parent you need not worry when installing such mirrors in your children’s bedroom. All the mirrors in this range are delivered complete with adhesive pads for ease of fixing and instructions are included so you won’t have any problem applying them to the wall. The mirrors are not just great to look at either; children’s mirrors are also a decoration which can aid with learning too. The alphabet mirror in particular will provide a fun w

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  2. Selecting an ornate overmantle mirror for your room

    When you are fitting out a room, it is necessary to decorate it so that everything matches and co-ordinates well. This is also the case with regards to the mirror and other decorations you place about the room too. Thankfully there is a great range of conventional overmantle mirrors available for purchase online these days. This means you can browse through the wonderful selection and pick out an overmantle mirror with the right design, style, shape and size to go with the rest of the décor in your room. There is plenty of choice when it comes to mirrors to suit your home. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking of what would look best in the room you are working on. The black glass ‘octagon’ mirror – This is a top-end mirror that would complement any classic, art deco or modern home. Its beautiful black glass frame certainly makes a bold statement. Classic gold antique style mirrors are extremely versatile and their classic design makes them the perfect overmantle mirror

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  3. Cheval mirrors for your bedroom

    When you are getting ready and want the perfect mirror to see yourself in while trying on various outfits, a cheval mirror is the ideal solution. These free standing mirrors are an important part of the bedroom or dressing area as they can be adjusted so you can see your figure completely in the reflection. No matter how tall or small you are; these large mirrors can be tilted according to your preference. This not only makes them perfect for serving a function in your bedroom setup, they also look great too. You can choose from a variety of different styles when it comes to cheval mirrors; whether you want a traditional or contemporary design, it is all up to you. The black or clear glass framed cheval mirror is a popular option, with the fact it stands at a remarkable 1.5 meters tall being a big selling point. Another mirror that stands out from the crowd is the floor standing gold cheval ‘Munroe’ mirror. This modern mirror has been beautifully carved in wood and the gold

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  4. The origins of the hall of mirrors

    In the last article we looked at mirrors used as a traditional attraction at funfairs, but where did this idea come from? Well, the hall of mirrors originated in the Palace of Versailles (or Château de Versailles) in France. The royal château itself was built in Versailles - back when it was just a country village and not the Parisian suburb as it is today. Peter Stuyvesant, while on his visit to the country to talk about colonial land agreements, came across the hall of mirrors in the Palace of Versailles and was completely amazed by it. He was so captivated by the hall of mirrors that he vowed to bring the attraction to New Amsterdam (later to become New York) in the United States where he was the governor. The House of Mirrors was then created by Peter Stuyvesant and it opened in 1651. Participants who wanted to enter the maze of mirrors were charged one Dutch gulden for the privilege. Ever since then the hall of mirrors has spread in popularity and there are many to

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  5. The mystique of the hall of mirrors

    If you have ever been to a fun fair or carnival then you will almost certainly have heard of a hall (or house) of mirrors. These are mysterious and puzzling as you try to work your way around the maze of distorted mirrors. They work on the premise of perception, as people can easily get confused by the unusual reflections they see of themselves and this makes it harder to follow the right path to the end. These halls of mirrors are designed to be fun though and you can have a laugh at yourself as the mirrors transform the way you look. A house of mirrors has often been used in the world of TV and film as well, with the mirrors serving as a great way of showing how tricky a certain villain might be. One of the most famous scenes where this attraction is used as a backdrop for a battle is in the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun. In this the baddie Scaramanga is trying to outwit 007 in a game of cat and mouse, played in his confusing “Fun House”. As well as pr

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