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Monthly Archives: April 2011

  1. The allure of the Venetian mirror

    The Venetian mirror was first introduced to people living in the Italian city of Venice at the start of the sixteenth century and this style of mirror has become one of the most loved home decorations in the world. The beautifully crafted mirror from northern Italy is a masterpiece in glass making and this is why it is still regarded as the mirror of choice for many households. Having a Venetian mirror take pride of place in your lounge or living room is like hanging a piece of art on the wall. Its timeless elegance is unmatched, especially in terms of using a mirror as a decoration. Venetian glass is truly ornate and the glass pieces that make up each design can create a classic style. These versatile reflective mirrors are known for their clear translucency and they will go well with most types of furniture within a room, while providing a focal point for guests to admire every time they come round to visit you. There is a range of beautiful Venetian mirrors to select fr

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  2. When a cheval mirror would be right for a room

    A cheval mirror is a mirror that swings in a frame and is usually big enough to allow for the full length of a person’s figure to be seen in the glass. This type of floor standing mirror has proved to be a popular choice with homeowners over the years as it is perfect for when someone is getting ready and wants to see how they look. This is why cheval mirrors are an excellent decoration for a bedroom, as not only do they look attractive and can be made to go with the existing furniture, but they also help a person while they dress. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, these mirrors also prove to be a great way of brightening up a room and making more use of the light in this space. They are often used as the focal point of a room too. So if you are convinced that a cheval mirror would be the perfect addition to your bedroom or dressing room, then you will be delighted to know that there is a wide range of styles available for purchase through the Internet. Just select

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  3. Art Deco mirrors are more than just functional

    When you look to buy a mirror for your dressing room so you can get ready, the size of it and the fact that you can see your entire figure in the reflection are probably the most important aspects you will be thinking about. With Art Deco mirrors, they not only prove to serve a function, which is to make the room seem lighter and more spacious, but also look great too. Just take a look online at the beautiful Art Deco mirrors available and you will soon see that they can enliven any room they are placed in. In fact these mirrors will transport you back to a time when creativity and style were at the forefront of society and when design was at its most exuberant. The Art Deco mirrors of today take all these important aspects into account and so you will be able to choose from a number of striking designs that make up the mirror which really is like a true piece of artwork. You can proudly place these mirrors around your home and create a focal point for the chosen rooms where they

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  4. A mirror can look great when placed above a fireplace

    The winter may now be over but many people who are looking at home improvements decide to use this time of year to install a new fireplace in their property. This is because, like mirrors, fireplaces and hearths can really enhance your living space. Even in the spring and summer, a fireplace can bring a certain style to your home and provide the focal point to a living room. This is in addition to their primary function of giving you the welcome warmth during the winter months when it can get really cold. In fact, there is nothing better at creating that cosy and restful atmosphere quite like a fireplace can. When the fireplace installation has been completed, it is now time to consider a suitable overmantle mirror to add to the room even further. There are a wide range of designs and styles to select from when it comes to overmantle mirrors, including gold ornate frame, black glass, extra-large round and glass framed options. You can also get more unusual contemporary designs

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  5. What type of mirror are you looking for?

    When you want to create space and bring in more light to your home a mirror can be very important in helping you to achieve this. The mirror can also become the centrepiece of any room, and so if this is going to be the case, then it is necessary to take time in order to choose the right mirror for you. In looking at the many different types of mirrors available these days, it is worth going through your home to work out what would go best with your interior design. This could be just a regular overmantle mirror or a mirror that will make more of an impact, such as a decorative mirror or an elegant and modern Art Deco mirror. A decorative mirror may be the best option if you are looking for a particular style to suit a large room. Ornate mirrors can often be quite large and usually come with bulky frames so it is worth bearing this in mind. The traditional mirrors in this category can be a bit thinner and lighter than other decorative mirrors, but you may also want to conside

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