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Monthly Archives: May 2011

  1. The use of mirrors as decorative objects

    As light-reflecting objects, mirrors are found in most homes because they can brighten up a place and also allow people to view themselves in the reflection. Mirrors are also commonly used as ornaments and in interior decoration. When used in this way, they can create the illusion that a room is more spacious than it actually is, making it seem bigger. The mirror can either be framed like an overmantle or pier mirror, or unframed, with large mirrors frequently used to this effect. Mirrors look great when hung on the wall as a decoration and the fact they amplify space like this just adds to their popularity. Within the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, mirrors can sometimes be found. They can be placed and arranged in a certain way to be at one with the environment. Mirrors have been used as decorative items in the home for many years now. Interior designers attempt to use mirrors as a form of art, with antique designs especially used to bring out the texture and colou

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  2. Angle your new mirror in the right way

    Mirrors are an excellent form of room decoration as not only do they look good when they are viewed hanging there on the wall, but they also serve a number of other purposes too, unlike a painting or portrait. However, when you have just purchased a new mirror for your hall, living room or dining room, you need to think about how to get the best reflection out of it. Due to the fact that mirrors are able to add light to a room while creating an illusion that there is more space in there than there actually is, you need to position the mirror correctly to achieve this. If you are wondering how you can angle the mirror effectively then consider the following points. Firstly, before you hang the mirror up; be sure to take a look around the room to determine whether you have chosen a suitable place to hang the mirror. You could place it on a wall adjacent to a work of art so it reflects the painting and gives the room a spacious feel. Angling the mirror downwards slightly will

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  3. How to approach the hanging of a large wall mirror

    A mirror is ideal for making any small space appear bigger and adds to the illusion that a room is more spacious than it actually is. Due to the fact that natural light is reflected by the mirror, the place also seems much brighter too. So these are the benefits of hanging a mirror in a prime location within the home, but what about how to hang it onto the wall? Large wall mirrors are a popular choice for those looking to create the effect above, where a room seems larger than it really is. However, as they are considerably more bulky than standard sized mirrors, you need to approach the hanging of the mirror very carefully. Be sure to get the positioning right. In order to ensure the large wall mirror is placed safely and securely onto the selected wall, you should take care not to damage the mirror when handling it. Don’t be shy at asking for help to mount the mirror as it is more important not to risk injury or ruining the mirror by dropping it. As well as the safety aspect

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  4. Finding a wall mirror with a special frame

    These days, with the fact that there are so many designs of wall mirror available, it can be difficult to focus in on a particular style that really takes your fancy. It is often the frame that really draws you in and makes the mirror seem perfectly placed in your home. This means that you need to consider the sort of frame that would go best with the décor of the room that will be housing your new mirror. In order to select the right frame you need to think about the shape and size of it as well as its design. The room where you will be placing the wall mirror will give you some indication of the size of frame you should be looking for and the space available can help determine the ideal shape. When you search for the frame that will provide the perfect contrast to, or go seamlessly with, the décor of the room you need to consider whether an extravagant, ornate or a plainer wall mirror would be most suitable. There are many different styles of frame out there so it is wor

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  5. Identifying the best rooms in which to place a wall mirror

    A carefully placed wall mirror can make for an excellent addition to your home. What’s more, they are a really simple way of bringing a fresh, new vibe to a room. What you need to do is find the right wall mirror for the particular room, to make it more than just a reflective surface hung onto the wall. These wall mirrors can give a room a spacious appeal and in a living room or hallway this would be ideal. This is why this type of mirror is often used on the walls to bring light into the area and offering a beautiful decoration at the same time. The appeal of wall mirrors is that they can be placed in even the smallest and darkest of spaces and can effectively reflect light to brighten it up a bit and create an amazing effect. These rooms can really benefit from a wall mirror being hung up. There are many different styles and designs when it comes to wall mirrors, so they not only serve the functions we have already mentioned, but can also liven up any plain room. You can dec

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