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Monthly Archives: June 2011

  1. Choosing mirrors for the office environment

    If you work in the creative industries such as advertising or digital media and you want to give the impression that you work on the cutting edge of design, it is important to fit out your office with the right décor. Selecting the furniture and floor coverings that says the most about your company and what it stands for is one of the things you need to consider; as is whether you want to use bright colours or more subtle tones. Once you have arranged your office furniture and installed the latest technology in this renovated work environment you can now look to the decorative items that would complement the style you have decided on. This includes whether you will hang paintings on the wall or other works of art. Whatever you do, make sure you contemplate the use of mirrors to good effect. There are many modern mirrors and Art Deco options for you to check out as you work out what would be the most suitable wall decoration for this contemporary office. The mirrors could t

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  2. Behold the Magic Mirror

    When it comes to lithographic prints depicting impossible constructions and mathematically-inspired architecture, you would automatically think of the Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. Most famous for his perceptive Ascending and Descending piece, M.C. Escher has produced many other intricate designs. One of these is the Magic Mirror from 1946. This lithograph print portrays a vertically standing mirror, which is supported by wooden struts, on a surface made up of tiles. As with most of Escher’s work this is all about perspective and in this instance it looks down at an angle to the right of the object. The mirror image is focused on a number of miniature griffin sculptures, with these winged lions emerging from the mirror’s surface, before trailing away in single file. A sphere is placed on both sides of the mirror. It is instantly obvious that it is a mirror as the angular reflection of the objects on the surface of the mirror work as you would expect. However,

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  3. A modern mirror design that really stands out

    If you have been looking at mirrors to work out which would be the most suitable design for your modern home then the contemporary styled mirrors which you can now buy online would be just perfect. Amongst the many different types of mirror designs, modern mirrors are able to give you an up-to-date wall decoration that gives off a trendy vibe. Most are large glass framed wall mirrors that will enhance any room, be it a dining room, living room or other chosen space within your property. Modern mirrors would look great, whether you have an expansive detached home in the country or a small apartment in the city. As long as the décor you have decided upon is current, then these mirror designs will provide the ideal focal point for a room, while making it appear more spacious. These large mirrors come in all shapes, sizes and patterns, so you needn’t feel you have to stick to the standard dimensions of a mirror. Take a look at the numerous mirror options which boast a contempor

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  4. Decorating your child’s bedroom

    When your little one is of the age when they need their own bedroom redecorating, you will be looking to find the right furniture and decoration for the walls. This can present a huge challenge in itself as you would want the room to be functional as well as being exciting and educational for the child. Once you have sorted out the carpet, wallpaper and have moved in the wardrobe, bookshelf, bed and methods of storage, you can now turn your attention towards adorning the walls with things like colourful borders, posters or wall paintings. One of the most popular items that can be placed on the wall is a children’s novelty mirror. These mirrors have been made specifically for this purpose, to be hung up on a child’s wall with the same reflective surface you would expect of a standard mirror. However, these mirrors are acrylic and shatterproof too. This means they have been designed to be especially safe for kids to use. With these mirrors, you will find that there are many fabu

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  5. Where are you going to put that large mirror?

    If you have just bought a new mirror online or have been given one as a present by a friend or relative then you may now be wondering what to do with it in terms of where it can go in your home. If so, then do not despair as you have a number of viable options open to you. With large mirrors they can really transform a room and make the best use of light entering the room. Therefore, you can look around your property to find some space on a wall that could do with brightening up a bit. When it comes to decoration, depending on the type of large mirror you have got, it can be used to enhance the décor within a room. You may wish to place the large mirror in the living room for everyone to see, or you could put it up in your bedroom, making it easier for you to see your reflection when you get ready. It is important to think carefully about where this large mirror would look best and enable you to get the most out of it in terms of adding a feeling of space to a room where it is

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