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Monthly Archives: July 2011

  1. Wall mirrors can add personality to your child’s room

    For children, a bedroom is so much more than just the place where they go to sleep at night. This space is, in fact, somewhere they go to relax and enjoy playing with their toys and games. It is more of an extension of who they are and the things they are interested in. To make them really feel at home, children like to surround themselves with comforting items and decoration. This is why wall mirrors are great at creating the perfect environment for a child to learn and develop. These decorative objects can really add something to the room and blend with the décor the child has grown accustomed to. Wall mirrors are definitely not boring as they now come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so children’s mirrors are designed according to their tastes and interests. For example, the large heart-shaped mirror is a great choice for little girls who dream of growing up as a princess. For boys there is the football-shaped mirror, while all children would be interested in the star mirr

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  2. Fill your wall with an extra-large wall mirror

    Large mirrors are a great addition to any home as they can really help to impose a particular style on the room where they are placed. With extra-large wall mirrors, you can go a step further by making them the focal point of the chosen space. There are many shapes and designs available with regards to these over-sized mirrors, so you need to think carefully about your home interior options and what would look best when hung up on the wall. You could go for a shatter or pebble mirror to create a special effect, or opt for an extra-large mirror with a decorative frame that really suits this environment to the full. A number of floor-standing mirrors are also available. Whatever type of mirror you choose, be it a full length or decorative wall mirror, extra-large mirrors certainly prove the popular saying: “the bigger, the better”. So instead of feeling you always have to adorn your walls with paintings for decoration, why not do something more unusual and place an extra-large m

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  3. Choose a multi-facet mirror and make it the showpiece

    The functional use of mirrors is widely known and generally taken for granted. Yes, they can add light to a room and make it appear more spacious, but really they are reflective surfaces in which to look at. However, the latest modern mirrors are really something to behold. When you are redesigning and renovating your home in a bid to create a particular effect, the multi-facet mirror is special in that it can become the main talking point of a room. As a wall mirror it can be placed so that everyone can see it and therefore it can become a great showpiece. In additional to its practical use, this style of mirror is perfect for making a statement in your living room or dining area. There are many designs to choose from when it comes to multi-facet mirrors. For example, you could decide on a square block framed mirror with its zigzag pattern, or go for the shattered effect with a mirror made up of smaller pieces of glass. So if you want a decorative item which is so much more t

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  4. Bathroom mirrors to set the tone

    As well as being an extremely practical addition to your bathroom, mirrors can also be used to create the perfect style. When you are fitting out your bathroom just the way you want it, of course you need to consider all bath, shower, toilet and sink options too, but the mirrors are important to setting the mood of this space. While standard mirrors may not be all that appealing to you, it is exciting to know that you can now get illuminated and LED-backlit bathroom mirrors, plus mirrored bathroom cabinets fitted in your room. This gives you greater freedom when designing your ideal bathroom and how you wish it to look. For bathroom mirrors to set the tone of the room, you can utilise these lighting choices and ensure that these contemporary reflective surfaces can give the precise light you need them too. You can select your mirror from hundreds of different styles and shapes, and if you’d prefer the mirror to be built into a cabinet, there are a number of these options now avai

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  5. Rococo art is perfect for home interiors

    French Rococo, or “Late Baroque” as it is also known, is an art style which originates from the 18th-century and has managed to remain popular with those looking to create a refined yet fanciful look in their home. This shell-like style is more ornate and playful than pieces from the former period and rooms fitted out in this way were considered to be complete works of art. So an ornate Rococo mirror is still adept at complementing elegant furniture within the modern abode. Like a wall painting, Rococo wall mirrors look even better when you get to see them up close and you should take into account that photos will never do them justice. And no matter what décor you have chosen for your property, these mirrors are available in a range of colours, materials and designs, so you are bound to find the ideal one for your living room or dining area. These fashionable mirrors make for a great decorative option in any space, so take your pick from the many circular, rectangular and squ

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