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  1. Use black glass mirrors for that contrasting look

    When you are looking to purchase a mirror, you don’t have to go for a traditional framed piece just for the sake of it. This might be just what you need, but if you want to go for something a bit different, then be sure to consider the merits of a black glass mirror. Ever since the Art Deco period of 1920s Paris, the use of black glass in mirror designs have become more widespread. This is because as people started to see how black glass could add another dimension to a mirror, they decided it would be the perfect decoration for their homes. It is not just Art Deco mirrors which make the best use of black glass designs as there are many different styles of mirror which benefit from that particular clean, crisp and beautifully contrasting look. This is why many contemporary designers fit them seamlessly in with the rest of the décor they create and goes to show why these large mirrors are usually some of the most popular of any mirror collection. If you are considering one o

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  2. Add a bit more light to your bathroom

    A bathroom is a place in the home which can often seem very enclosed as they do tend to remain fairly dark. This is why you need to think of ways to draw more light into the room and brighten it up a little bit. Of course you can redecorate the room towards a certain theme. Many people do like to use deep blue colours to remind them of the ocean and as they relax in the bath or have a shower, it does feel rather tranquil in there. But what is the good in creating a certain mood in the bathroom if the only light which is ever present in there is artificial? The darkness needs to be offset by the use of windows and mirrors. The former depends on the funds you have available to change the situation, but with a mirror you can achieve this at the fraction of the cost. As well as bringing in more light, reflecting it all around, mirrors also create the feeling of the room being spacious. Wall mirrors are especially useful in this regard as they can be placed on the wall to make a st

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  3. Reasons to buy a floor standing cheval mirror

    When you take a look at the various types of mirrors available to buy, the one you decide on will have something to do with the room you plan to use it in and whether it is for guests to view or for its functional use. With cheval mirrors, they offer their own benefits and reasons why you might want to purchase one. A few of these are discussed below. As a full length mirror, the cheval style is able to provide the user with a wide surface area and so this makes it ideal for those looking to use its reflective properties to aid them in getting ready. Therefore, it is no surprise that they are often referred to as dressing mirrors and generally placed in the bedroom. The fact that they are free-standing means that you will not have to mount a cheval mirror on the wall and while it will take up some floor space, they can usually be folded away when not in use. An advantage of them being floor-standing is that they can be turned to suit your preferred angle. You can choose your c

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  4. Ornate Rococo mirrors for the modern home

    These days, traditional-looking mirrors and wall decorations are proving extremely popular with interior designers for creating a certain style in a home. Rococo is a word which combines the French for stone and shell and the Rococo period of history refers to the Late Baroque artistry of the 18th century. During this era, artists commonly used the two objects as motifs within their decorative designs. Even now, the ornate and playful style has been adopted by many people looking to recreate the look from this time. For a room which is elegant and ornate, Rococo mirrors can really add to the overall impression. As works of art, Rococo mirrors make a flamboyant statement in a home and they go well with ornate furniture and architecture which complements their style. In the modern home there is often a need to have pieces of history decorating the space, things which are reminiscent of a different place and time. France during the 18th century was a country where all typ

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  5. Retailer looks to make use of virtual mirrors

    It has been revealed that department store chain John Lewis is to incorporate virtual mirrors in its buildings at some point over the next year as it aims to improve its level of service and create more cross-selling opportunities. This new interactive service will give customers the opportunity to virtually ‘try on’ the store’s clothing products and accessories by superimposing the fashion items onto their reflection. The system has been designed by tech company Cisco and they expect that this new facility will prove to be popular with customers. The first John Lewis outlet to be fitted with these virtual mirrors is the Exeter store, which is being used as a trial. As long as it is successful, the system will be rolled out to one of John Lewis’ flagship stores. Speaking to Retail Gazette, Clive Grinyer, Director of Customer Experience at Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group, said:

    “The technology takes the drudgery out of searching for items and exposes
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