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Monthly Archives: September 2011

  1. Mirrors and technology

    When most people are asked to come up with uses for mirrors they will generally refer to them as personal grooming objects or decorations to be hung on the wall, able to bring more light into a room while making it appear more spacious. However, mirrors are widely used in other areas as well. Mirrors are used in architecture and building construction, interior design and can also be used in the manufacture of different technologies. As well as traditional scientific uses such as mirrors found in telescopes and lasers, these objects are commonly used in cameras and all kinds of industrial machinery too. The majority of the purposes for mirrors when used in technological creations are designed for visible light, but are also suitable for other types of waves in non-optical equipment. If you take a look around your home you would be surprised how much of your media equipment utilises mirrors within its construction. Take televisions and projectors, for instance. The latest high d

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  2. A mirror in basic terms

    All around us there are examples of mirrors. In every corner of society mirrors are used for a number of different purposes. But what exactly is a mirror and why are these objects so useful to us? In this article we will be considering these questions and pondering the reasons for the popularity of mirrors through to the present day. Technically speaking, a mirror can be defined as an object able to reflect sound or light in a manner that manages to maintain most of the original quality just before it makes contact with the mirror. There are also mirrors able to filter certain wavelengths and preserve others in its reflection. A mirror is inherently different from the majority of other objects with light-reflecting qualities. You can get mirrors in a range of forms, from plane mirrors with flat surfaces to curved mirrors which manage to distort the image reflected on its surface. Most people when they think of mirrors refer to them as decorative objects within a home or when

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  3. Using modern mirrors in your interior design project

    If you are completely renovating your home, or have just started a refurbishment project and wish to decorate each room accordingly, then it is necessary to consider the best way to fit out every part of the house. For example, in your kitchen you would want the latest equipment installed as well as a design which works for your fitted units. In your bedroom you might be going for a particular look and wish to paint it a certain way. Whether you are carrying out this work yourself or enlisting the services of architects and designers to undertake the renovations, if you are fitting out a living room or dining area, then modern mirrors are great at adding a focal point to this space. These contemporary mirrors may be either ultra-modern or funky in design but will serve the purpose for which you have decided to buy them. As an eye-catching decorative object there are not many other alternatives which have the same kind of impact. Many leading interior designers use unique a

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  4. How sportspeople use mirrors to tone their muscles (Part 2)

    In the last article, we explained how mirrors can be used for a number of different purposes as well as being placed on a wall as a decoration. They can actually serve to help sports men and women with their exercise regime and ensure they are carrying this out correctly. We will now consider how full length wall mirrors can be great in helping those involved with bodybuilding and weightlifting. As weights are used in various repetitions, the sportsperson can see how their form is improving and that the exercise is working in the proper manner. You can use a mirror to closely inspect how well you are doing and then step away again afterwards. If you find that you are not performing the exercise in the right way, you can always modify it accordingly until you get into the perfect rhythm and are doing your sets correctly. Mirrors can also help these people involved in sports to visualise the way they would ideally want to look and this can give them motivation as they see the

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  5. How sportspeople use mirrors to tone their muscles (Part 1)

    Mirrors have a wide range of different uses, some which are well-known such as when getting dressed and seeing how clothes look on a person and for a man to shave without cutting himself, while others are not so common - like to aid in sport. One way many athletes and those into sports are using mirrors is to develop muscle. You may have seen mirrors in gyms and sports centres as these decorative objects help people to check themselves and the position they are in to make sure they are carrying out a certain exercise correctly or not. They can flex their muscles using them and may also pose in front of a mirror in a changing room to see how their body is progressing. In a sport such as bodybuilding, participants often use these as a tool to aid them in their progress. They certainly do more than simply admire themselves and what the image displays, but they contemplate every movement to see how their preparation is going. In the next article we will look at this in a bit more

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