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Monthly Archives: December 2011

  1. Care for your mirrors and make them sparkle

    It would be a shame to invest so much in an exquisite mirror design for your lounge or sitting room, only for it to lose its shine due to years of neglect. With just a little bit of care and attention every now and again you can keep your mirror looking at its best all the time. To restore your household mirrors to former glories, you just need to have the right equipment to hand. The following is a simple tip to making your mirrors sparkle again like they did in the past. The restoration of your mirror surface can be achieved by dipping a clean cloth in a 50/50 mix of water or denatured alcohol and borax. Then all you need to do is wipe the mirror using the cloth and finish off by polishing it with a paper towel or lint-free cloth. By doing the above, this should help you to achieve the shine you were hoping for and bring your mirror back to life. When your guests come round to visit they will surely notice the difference in the reflection within the mirror as it can really c

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  2. Stylish mirror options for your bathroom

    With people becoming more and more concerned with how their homes look, it is only natural that they would want every room to provide a showcase for their interior design skills. The bathroom is no different. This room will always be the place where one can go to take a bath or a shower, brush their teeth and go to the toilet, but it can still be decorated so the space is more appealing. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is by going for a bathroom mirror or mirrored cabinet. The cabinet obviously offers more in terms of storage, which is why many householders see these as ideal products in which to store all their daily essentials. Yet, they also look amazing too, with a selection of impressive modern designs to choose from. Bathroom mirrors can provide a real decorative piece in the room and the latest designs include low energy consuming illuminated models to really offer a stylish option for the room. The one you go for will obviously depend on which would

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  3. Help your children to learn with a novelty mirror

    When you want to furnish your child’s room with things they will love as well as decorations that aid them with their personal development, the latest novelty mirrors are great at satisfying both. The fact that alphabet mirrored letters are suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens as well as the bedroom, makes them a flexible option to help your little one learn the alphabet. These top quality mirrors will make learning more fun for the child and you can be sure that they are designed for them to use safely. The adhesive pads supplied allow them to be fixed wherever you think would be best for your home. Your little boy or girl can enjoy themselves rearranging the letters to form words and sentences. This certainly serves to get them better acquainted with the alphabet, while also jazzing up the room where they are installed. With Christmas approaching, these novelty mirrors would make for a great educational gift to present to your offspring. As well as the alphabet mir

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  4. Compare round mirrors online to pick out the right one

    Choosing a mirror may not be a big a deal as selecting a new car for instance, but it is still an important decision in terms of how your house looks. Creating the perfect image you would hope for involves bringing all kinds of furniture and decoration together, so it results in a harmonious environment. Therefore, if you have been thinking about what type of mirror would go best in the room where a wall-hung mirror would really add to its overall appeal, you may wish to consider the latest round mirrors which are available. Round mirrors offer a variation on the standard mirror shape you have come to expect. So this means that they are able to bring something unique to a room. If this is the design that would enhance the space then you now need to choose the perfect mirror model. With many of these decorative objects to select from online these days, the comparison feature provided by specialist mirror suppliers really comes in handy. You can simply tick the box by the mirror

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  5. Decorative mirrors make the perfect festive gift

    With Christmas fast approaching you might be wondering what to buy your family members or friends this year. If they have a beautiful home and it would seem like nothing you could get could possibly add to their décor, why not consider a decorative wall mirror? The reason why these objects make for the ideal present is because they can really make an impact on a room. As long as you are careful in which design you choose, possibly going for one that suits a range of scenarios, the recipient will be delighted. If you opt for something like a wooden framed rustic mirror or a silver / gold oval mirror, you won’t have to spend a fortune either. These stylish items would improve any home and they are easy to order too. As long as you place the order within plenty of time, the mirror will arrive well packaged and ready for you to present to the recipient on Christmas Day, or when you will next be seeing them. These decorative wall mirrors, when given to a loved one, really show t

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