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Monthly Archives: January 2012

  1. The best way to approach cleaning a mirror

    It is true to say that mirrors are not always the easiest objects to clean. Many people neglect to look after the mirrors in their home due to some of the frustrations involved. However, what they might not have considered is changing their cleaning method, so that the usual dirt, streaks and cleaning residue is fully removed from the item for once. While there is no one universal strategy that is recommended for everyone, there really are ways to ensure the mirror is left sparkling and streak-free following this process. Next time, you might not be so averse to getting on with this task now you know what is required. Firstly you need to refrain from using harsh chemicals on the mirror surface and the frame. Make sure you only use products which are recommended for this task or create the solution yourself. This can be achieved by combining one cup of distilled or white vinegar with four cups of warmish water. Once you have achieved this you should now remove any marks o

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  2. The colourful pattern of the kaleidoscope

    It was way back in 1815 when Sir David Brewster came up with the design for the kaleidoscope, where a number of mirrors are attached together to form a circle. Coloured bits of glass are often used to create a beautiful pattern. When a person looks into one of these objects, they see this array of colours due to the fact that light enters the other end and reflects off the various mirrors which have been formed together. Over the years many artists have used kaleidoscopes within their creations to create various colourful patterns. Within the object chamber things like beads or pebbles can be used to make up the form. While most people do not think about having these tubes as devices within their homes these days, they are a reminder of what can happen when light is reflected to make beautiful patterns. It is true that you might choose to opt for a more minimalist modern design when looking for a decorative mirror for your home, but if you want something more unusual, you m

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  3. Make a difference in your room with a wall mirror

    When you are looking to create the perfect effect in a room, you may use a number of things in order to achieve this. Firstly, you will be considering the floor covering such as a carpet or a wooden floor, before moving on to the wallpaper design that really fits the space. As you go about selecting the right furniture for the living room or dining area, you also need to think carefully about what wall decorations you will be putting up to add to the look of the room. Whether you are keeping to a particular style of décor, or just want to have a room that contains all of your favourite things, a wall mirror can bring something quite different to the overall appeal. These days you get to select from a wide range of stunning wall mirrors to place in your home and so you can pick out the item that is the perfect size, shape and design you were hoping to find. By making sure you position the decorative object in a suitable place, you can really put the finishing touch to this

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  4. Looking at yourself in the mirror

    It is a common saying to ‘look at oneself in the mirror’ and this basically means that you are assessing where you are at in life and what you see. Mirrors have been used for many years now to reflect the image of a person and show them how they look at a particular time. Having a mirror handy in the bathroom or bedroom is really helpful as they can really help you to get ready or put make-up on when you are going out or having friends round for dinner. If you have a job interview you can check how you look before you leave the house. There are lots of different situations where a mirror can assist a person in showing them how they look at a particular time. They can reassure someone that they are looking their best, giving them confidence when facing others. The reflective surface shows you what other people will see when they look at you. In choosing a mirror for your home it is important to think of its purpose. Some mirrors are bought as decorations, while the mirrors we h

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  5. Resolve to care for your mirrors

    In this day and age when people live such busy lives it is fairly easy for householders to neglect the housework. Within a matter of days the home can look untidy and cluttered. Over a longer period of time, ornaments and decorations can soon gather dust. While this is understandable to a degree, you can always make a greater effort to look after your possessions better this year. At the start of 2012, this is a good point to make a New Year’s resolution to care for all the mirrors you have installed around the house. They just need a bit of care and attention every now and again to keep them looking sparkling and as good as new. Then, should you ever have guests round for dinner, they will marvel at how attractive these wall decorations are and how they add to the atmosphere created in your home. It is not going to cost you the earth either to maintain your mirrors, so make it a priority to clean them according to the recommended methods when they are starting to lose their s

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