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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  1. Keep track of your child’s development with handy mirrors

    It is a sad fact of life that children soon grow up, making it more important than ever to enjoy them while they are young. One way to share in their development as they go through life’s stages is to track their height and other achievements. Whether you have a little girl or a boy, wanting to know how tall they are compared to other siblings and friends is only natural. In the past, people used to mark on a wall or door frame in pencil what a person’s height was at a certain age. There is no need to do this any longer as you can now buy the ‘How Tall Am I Mirror’. It is not just kids who can enjoy having this mirror around as you can share the moment with them as they measure how tall they are. With measurements in centimetres and inches, you can track their progress at different ages, while having fun at the same time. The whole family can get involved with this activity. Instructions on how to get the best use out of the mirror are included, along with two re-usable mar

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  2. Novelty mirrors for your little girl’s bedroom

    When you are looking to furnish a girl’s room you would want to make it as wonderful and exciting as possible, with her favourite colours adorning the walls and bedding. Getting the colour scheme and theme right is very important to a little girl. Now you can choose from a range of acrylic novelty mirrors which are just as bright and reflective as the glass variety, but offer more in the way of safety where children are concerned. As well as being light and shatter-proof, these mirrors provide plenty of benefits, not to mention the fact they can be fixed to the wall quite easily using the adhesive pads provided. However, all that your little one will be interested in is how the mirror actually looks. She certainly won’t be disappointed to find out that the collection includes the following stunning designs: • Ballerina • Ballerina shoes • Butterfly • Fairytale castle with pink turrets • Fairy • Princess with pink mirror crown • Rock chick Whatever your girl is into

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  3. Using mirrors in your new loft conversion space

    As you will already be aware, mirrors are great at maximising the feeling of space within a room, while reflecting the light in a room to great effect. In smaller spaces like spare rooms, studies or home offices mirrors can be placed on the walls to make the room appear bigger. In the case of loft conversions, where you have created this additional space in your home, mirrors are perfect for this situation. Whether you have had this extra room built for another bedroom, or just want somewhere that the kids can play in peace, there are all sorts of mirrors you can buy, depending on your preferences. When you are fitting out a kid’s play room you can get safe mirrors that come in a range of novelty designs. Not only will the children love to look at them, but you can be sure these shatter-proof items are fine to place within this environment. Should the loft conversion be for another use, you may wish to consider getting Venetian or black glass styled mirrors, according to the d

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  4. How to fit a mirror or cabinet in the bathroom

    If you are looking to hang a bathroom mirror or cabinet, the best way to approach this task is to treat it like you would a piece of art or glass. By this we mean that you do need to take care with the item and you need to consider the type of wall you are installing it on. Extra care will be required should you be fitting the mirror to a wall that is not made of stone as the fittings need to be strong enough to hold the object onto the wall in a secure manner. Having the right fixings is the first stage of the plan. If these don’t come with the purchase, you will need to go and get fastenings that have the capacity to hold the weight of mirror or cabinet you are putting up there. When doing this, always be sure to adopt a cautious approach and get high grade fastening types. Consider the best point of strength on the wall, so if there is an existing stud up there on the partitioning wall, you can use this to your advantage. Another piece of advice is not to attempt this fe

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  5. So much choice when it comes to bathroom mirrors

    In the not-too-distant past, you could reasonably expect to have half a dozen bathroom mirrors to choose from – all top quality, but generally similar in style and design. If you take a look online now, you will notice that there are many mirror suppliers offering a wider selection of mirrors for the bathroom. Not only can you go for traditional shaped rectangular bathroom mirrors, you could even decide on the LED, back-lit or illuminated varieties which really make the most of the technology currently available. With manufacturers like HiB releasing new models onto the market all the time, consumers now have plenty of choice in picking out the right bathroom mirror for their needs. When it comes to features, these mirrors will certainly not disappoint either. Many of the latest mirrors have such things as 24-hour clock and radio functionality to go with LED lighting, while adjustable shelving options are a feature of the mirrored bathroom cabinets you can buy too. If you a

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