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Monthly Archives: March 2012

  1. Choosing a new mirror online

    There are many reasons why someone may purchase a new mirror. It could be that the mirror has been purely chosen for functional reasons so it can help them when they are getting dressed or ready to go out. It might be just for decorative purposes to hang in a living room or dining room, or it might be to create the feeling of more space by reflecting light around the room. Whatever your reasons, there’s a lot to be said about buying the right mirror online. There are many options to consider when you are choosing a new mirror. There are many different styles to choose from including traditional as well as more modern designs. If you want to create a focal point or a real ‘wow’ factor in the room there are mirrors which will do this also. The only real way to get an idea of what mirror would look right in your room is to choose the wall where the mirror will be situated and then take some measurements to see how it will fit. You can then look at the various mirror designs online a

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  2. Mirror style and design in the bathroom

    The mirror performs a vital function in the bathroom, whether you use it when applying make-up or use it when shaving, the bathroom would not be complete without a suitable mirror. Many people actually choose to have more than one mirror in the bathroom, one for storage purposes, and one so they can get a close up when checking their face for blemishes. Some people also choose to have a large mirror positioned above the bath or on the longest wall to give the feeling of more space. Mirror cabinets If you are looking for storage as well as style, a bathroom mirror cabinet might be a good idea. Your bathroom products can be kept out of sight in the cabinet, which also serves as a mirror and attractive feature too. Some additional features of bathroom mirror cabinets include demisters, LED lighting, internal shaver sockets and mirror overlighting – the choice of options is amazing. Whether you choose a simple stainless steel mirror cabinet with a simple mir

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  3. Making a mock-up up can help you decide

    Choosing a mirror for a room may seem like a difficult task. You’ve usually already chosen the wall space where the mirror will be positioned but have yet to decide on the type of mirror which would prove to be the most suitable. Mirrors play an important role in a room, as the can give the feeling of more space. So positioning a mirror opposite a window wall can reflect light through the room and make the room feel a lot lighter. It may be a good idea to complete the redecoration of the room before choosing the mirror. There are a huge variety of mirrors available, some of which work in modern homes and some which are more traditional. If you can try to image what the mirror will look like in situ it can be a good start. Many websites will of course show you what the mirror looks like, but it’s also worth noting down the mirror dimensions and then making a ‘mock-up’ of the mirror size and shape so you can see what it will look like on the actual wall where it will be fitted. Th

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  4. There is more to a mirror than the reflection looking back at you

    Mirrors are a part of everyone’s life. Whether you use them to aid your personal styling or you use them as a designer accessory, they are here to stay. Most homes in the UK will feature a mirror, and where once this mirror was a practical item that was used to check what you looked like before you left for work in the morning, mirrors are now used to enhance modern living by adding innovative design into a home. Modern mirrors often focus more on the design of the mirror rather than the mirror glass that they contain. In fact, it can be difficult to see any reflection at all in some modern mirrors, as they are often more like a piece of wall art than a looking glass. Pebble mirrors The glass designs of pebble mirrors focus on the glass resembling the shapes of pebbles. These pebbles of glass are interwoven together to create a striking display. Pebble mirrors are more like a piece of art than a standard mirror and can certainly create a talking point in yo

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  5. What does your mirror say about you?

    It can be said that everyone’s home says a little about one’s personality or one’s desires or wants. And it thus follows that the furniture and decoration you choose in the home may thus speak volumes about you as a person and the life you live. Decorative mirrors A flamboyant decorative mirror with a large frame surround may suggest that you are an outgoing person who likes to show off. It may also be an indication of how you love to control your surroundings and have an interesting and eclectic personality. Art Deco Mirrors A person who may choose an Art Deco mirror could be said to appreciate classic style and may have a house which also reflects this. Whilst Art Deco might not be as flashy or flamboyant as other design styles, it does show a uniformity and symmetry which may be reflected in the person’s life. Modern mirrors Modern mirrors might not be as showy or eclectic as some other mirror designs, but they do

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