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  1. A Guide to Mirrors for Letting Agents

      Letting agents are always looking for tricks to help get a home off of the market as soon as possible. Like a hotel room, any property that’s available is one that isn’t making money for either the owner or the agent. From sample furnishings to artwork, there are several tactics that a letting agent can use to take advantage of appealing to the human eye outside of the general lay of the property. Mirrors aren’t just a decorative piece for a home, but a way to create an optical illusion to any potential tenant that may be looking at a specific piece of property. Hallways Hallways are usually a dreary piece of the property that are hard to decorate. Placing a mirror at the end of a hallway is going to make it look twice as big as it actually is. While the average person will realize it’s only a mirror, the mind insists that the hallway is longer. Fireplaces The area over a fireplace is often one of heated argument.

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  2. Introducing "The Sunburst Collection"

    HERE COMES THE SUN... Following three months of miserable weather blamed on a stuck jet stream that has given us nothing but rain, at last reports are promising some better weather over the next few weeks.
    We are not wanting to tempt fate, but thought this was a great time to showcase our own little ray of sunshine with the stunning SUNBURST COLLECTION.
    HOT OFFER: 10% OFF
    (for a limited time only)
    So, grab your decorative wall mirrors inspired by the sun and add some warmth into your rooms today!
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  3. Bringing The Outside In Needn't Cost The Earth

    When we consider the concept of bringing the outside in, we have been conditioned by the media to assume that this now means grand conservatories, skylights, vast expanses of sliding doors and huge renovation projects, all of which cost a fortune. Whilst these aspirations are fantastic if you can afford them, the benefit of bringing the outdoors into your home or work place can also be gained in a much less dramatic fashion and without making such a dent on your wallet. With the great British summertime being a total washout so far, there has never been a better time to try to replicate the feeling of well being that being outside can create. We all know the feeling that those long summer evenings spent outdoors can generate and if only for a few months of the year, many of us look forward to them and feel a surprising burst of energy and motivation in comparison to the winter evenings. It's like as human beings we almost come alive; just as a flower re
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  4. What Is Contemporary Design?

    The term contemporary design is actually quite subjective. Depending on the topic at hand, the word contemporary can mean different things to different people. Often confused with modern style, when thinking of contemporary in relation to décor, some see it as harsh and cold, whereas others are excited by the energy that the clean lines create. As with all décor styling, whether it is your home, your place of work, an office or a shop, being represented by a contemporary décor can speak volumes and set peoples expectations. For example: if you are in a waiting area on the ground floor of a high rise office block and the styling of the area is considered to be contemporary, with its light colours, lack of clutter and airy demeanor, you would not be forgiven for thinking that the company you are about to enter is modern, forward thinking, fresh and organised. The definition of contemporary according to the Collins English Dictionary: Con
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  5. A Buyer's Guide To Shopping Around On The Internet

    Flick through any lifestyle magazine and you are sure to find articles on designer products versus their high street equivalent. These articles often include consumer reviews, price comparisons and 'where to buy it' solutions to help you, the end buyer, find great deals the next time you go shopping.

    However, such useful information is almost impossible to find when it comes to tackling the World Wide Web and if we do find it, how do we know whether or not to trust it? Most of us these days consider ourselves to be Internet savvy (or at the very least we can get by) and we all know that great bargains are to be had - IF WE CAN FIND THEM! That's where this article can help. Follow the 7 easy steps as a guide to shopping around and you'll be enjoying those bargains in no time. 1. Find the product of your dreams Whether it is from a magazine, in your favourite shop or on the Internet already; the first thing you need to do is set a benchm
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