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  1. Mirrors In Minimalist Homes

    Minimalism is a fairly new term in interior design that has been used over the past decade to describe a contemporary design style. The concept of minimalism is to have clean, tidy and clear from clutter homes, with empty work surfaces, limited decoration and certainly no ornaments. Some may see minimalist homes as a hard, ultra modern, cold design style that is unlived in and therefore uninviting, but in fact if done correctly a modern contemporary styled home can be absolutely stunning. With splashes of bright block colour a minimalist home does not have to be a white box and the concept of having clean and clear work surfaces with minimal accessories actually means that you look at the furniture itself and the square sharp lines that compliment this design style can be really quite beautiful in their own right. Although the use of accessories in a minimalist home is limited, it does not mean that they cannot or should not be used at all. A well placed coloured vase, bowl or cu

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  2. The Appeal of French Furniture

    Ah le Francais. Paris, the Palace at Versaille, the Moulin Rouge. What images do these bring to mind? Decadence, ornate beauty and decorations fit for royalty.

    Marie Antoinette is a figure who perhaps sums up the extravagance and vanity we often associate with French history and aesthetic. Famed for her love of gambling and spending money, she spent vast amounts on rouge for her face and pomade for her hair, therefore mirrors on furniture were very important. You can imagine the young queen sat at a beautiful, large, highly ornate dressing table in front of a rococo mirror with a lavishly decorated frame, having her rouge touched up by a maid. French furniture works really well in bedrooms because the ornate designs create a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere. The pastels, golds and pale colours of this period mean that the items fit with most colour schemes, and all
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  3. How To Brighten Up A Narrow Hallway

    Whether it’s an entranceway, landing or simply a thorough through for other rooms, a hallway is a space in the home or workplace that can often be overlooked in terms of decoration and interior design. A narrow hallway is especially difficult to decorate as there is limited space for free standing furniture. This leaves you with just the floor, lights and walls to play with in terms of creating a space that is functional but also contains an element of design. Due to the lack of space, narrow hallways can appear dark, closed in and uninviting. Follow these tips to help lighten your hallway: Flooring: Depending on the location of the hallway you may need to consider the functionality of your floor covering. If it is an area that gets high traffic or is close to an external door then you may wish to consider a hard wearing floor such as natural wood, laminate or tiles. If on a landing then you may opt for more warm and chose a carpet, runners or rugs. In a

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  4. Give Your Room An Antique Feel

    A true antique style can make a bedroom feel cosy and romantic at the same time, a bedroom is probably the best room in the house to go all out there on an antique look whereas in other rooms it could feel clustered. How could we create a true antique style? Choose an antique colour that reflects the colours they would have used in the time era your house was built. Bright wall colours were favoured in the past, don’t be afraid to paint in an antique yellow, green, blue or red. Getting the flooring right can make all the difference to your antique-style room. It is a good idea to opt into a specialist wood flooring, distressed engineered oak flooring. Oak flooring comes in a variety of shades and finishes and can add a superb antique look in your room. You will struggle to create an authentic feel if you insist on keeping your modern day synthetic carpet. Splashing out on genuine wood flooring in a bedroom makes financial sense as you can create that wow factor without breaking the

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  5. Brighten Up Small Spaces With Clever Use Of Light

    Light is absolutely key to making small spaces seem larger and more open, but a lot of us go about it the wrong way – here are some tips on how to make your room look its best.

    When confronted with a small room in the house, a lot of us simply concede to the fact that it’s a small room and leave it at that. Making an effort to make these rooms seem more appealing is important to the overall feel of the home, but with so much contrasting information out there it’s difficult to make sense of where to start. To help you along your way, here are some tips on how to use light to expand a space. Utilise windows Natural light coming in through windows is far and away the most important element of enlarging a room. Of course, leaving windows completely uncovered is usually not a viable option, and so we should take care when picking curtains and blinds. Heavy, thick curtains have quite a profound effect of ‘shrinking’ a room, and the
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  6. How a Mirror Can Transform a Room

      Mirrors on a wall are a great addition to any room. It shouldn’t be an expensive option either. A large wall mirror will look very impressive without costing nearly as much as you think. If you would like your room to have a bright airy atmosphere then a mirror is essential, mirrors reflect light and this great fact can be put into use in any room. Having several large reflecting surfaces will bounce the light around to flood the room with a renewed natural lightness that artificial lightness can never achieve. Mirrors can effectively broaden and widen a room if you locate the right mirrors for your needs. Not in a literal sense but in the visual appearance and impression given off by the reflected interior of the room, seemingly advancing endlessly into itself. The added brightness can create an enhanced feeling of depth, wall mirrors can transform a room from the mediocre to something alive and vibrant. Each mirror provides a fascinating focal point, an illusion of sp

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  7. Tips For Choosing A Bedroom Mirror

    Every master bedroom needs a mirror. Whether it’s for viewing your entire reflection or for grooming purposes such as hair, make up or shaving, the functional benefits of having a mirror within your bedroom are obvious, however a mirror can offer much more. Needs Analysis: Ask yourself why you need a mirror. Is it to look at an outfit? Is it for grooming? Or is it to simply add another decorative element to your room? All of these questions result in the need for quite different types of mirrors. Functional Properties:

    • Cheval Mirrors are full-length, freestanding mirrors that are great for reflecting your entire image. They come in a range of frame shapes, colours and designs. If you do not have space for a freestanding mirror, then look for a similar design full-length wall mirror instead.
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