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  1. The History of Compact Mirrors

    Of all of the accessories that a woman may hold and collect, the compact mirror is perhaps the prettiest. The history of compact mirrors goes back many years as the compact itself is considered a vintage and highly design led item. Possibly the best known vintage name in compact mirrors is Stratton. All of the Stratton ladies’ compacts were designed and made in Birmingham. Laughton and Sons Ltd produced these highly sought after compacts from 1923 and despite losing four of their five factories during the bombings of World War Two the company were determined to continue and by 1945 production had restarted again. Stratton branded compact mirrors are still produced today although not in the UK, yet the earlier designs are what make the Stratton vintage compact mirrors a favourite amongst professional collectors and those who find joy in the beauty of the pieces. A compact mirror was a must for ladies from the 20’s onwards, enabling said ladies to check their appearance wherever th

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  2. Interior Decorating Accessories

    When people talk about interior design and home decoration, a lot of the focus tends to be on large issues, such as painting rooms or choosing wallpaper. These, of course, are certainly issues well worth spending time on when you are trying to design the interior appearance of your home. But, sometimes people can get too caught up in these larger issues and forget that it can be the smaller touches that really establish character in a home interior. Furniture, decorative accessories, and other things of that nature can go a long way toward helping you design the perfect interior. With that in mind, here are a few ideas on items you might be able to use as you go about setting up your home. Lighting Fixtures - One of the easiest and most fun ways to add character to a room is to experiment with different kinds of light fixtures. Generally, homes come equipped with relatively basic lighting fixtures, but installing new ones can be fairly simple and cheap, and extremel

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  3. LED Lights in Bathroom Mirrors for Luxurious and Glamorous Bathrooms

    Modern bathrooms are changing into glamorous and luxurious zones in the house. The various accessories that are being installed in the bathroom are doing a complete makeover of the washroom. Among the interesting accessories are bathroom mirrors. The mirrors are not only accessories for making the bathroom look beautiful and elegant, but they are also high on the utility factor. Nowadays, LED lights are being used in bathroom mirrors widely as it makes the mirrors stylish looking as well as helps in better illumination in the bathroom. These accessories also help a lot in saving on the power consumption. Proper viewing in mirrors with LED lights Without proper lighting, bathroom mirrors are of no use at all. Without the right amounts of light, there will not be a proper reflection in the mirrors and the purpose of having a bathroom mirror will not be solved at all. Various kinds of lighting for the bathroom mirror are available in the market, b
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  4. How to Use Mirrors in Small Rooms

    Mirrors are a great interior design feature – they suit any decor and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Best of all though, mirrors create the illusion of space, so they’re the perfect accessory for small rooms. Here are some tips on how to cleverly incorporate mirrors into small rooms. How do you Incorporate Mirrors into Small Rooms? It isn’t difficult to find mirror space in even the smallest of rooms – here’s how:

    • Even if you don’t have much wall space for a large mirror, placing one opposite a window will reflect light back into the room, making it appear larger.
    • Think about the view your mirrors are reflecting; arrange them so that they reflect clean, uncluttered parts of the room to create the illusion of space.
    • It’s best to use light colours in small rooms so they feel as spacious as possible. However, if you do have a dark-coloured wall, hanging a large mirror on there is easier than repainting and will create depth.
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  5. Reflect Your Personality With Your Interior

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who's the fairest one of all? It used to be that eyeglasses were only worn for function.  Nowadays, eyeglasses are used as both an aid to better vision and a fashion statement.  This is so much so that even people who don't need glasses for improving sight choose to wear them as a fashion accessory. Mirrors have traveled down a similar path.  Although there were always a variety of frames, mirrors were seen primarily as a functional item.  Nowadays, mirrors are also seen as an interior design tool and a great way to express one's personality. Personalities who are always sunny and exuberant can use light capturing mirrors.  Such mirrors are really wall art made out of pieces of mirror, for example, a shatter mirror which is a construction of long pieces of shattered glass.  There are also multi-faceted mirror

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  6. Creating The Urban Loft Style In a 'Normal' Home

    Originating in re-used buildings such as city office blocks, warehouses, mills etc. the urban loft interiors design style is now sort after in more modern city adobes too. With a lack of natural exposed features such as bricks, ventilation pipes and so on, how can this look be achieved in a modern apartment for example? 1. What does urban loft actually mean? It is about taking inspiration from the city in which you live and bringing pieces of it into your home. The beauty of this design style is that it is subject to the city in which you live, the area within that city and the elements that appeal to the individual. For some it may mean replicating graffiti as artwork in the home, whereas for others it may be mimicking a historical period in time complete with traditional furnishings and architectural details. 2. The fabrication of the building: Wherever possible you should try to adopt open plan living, with limited walls and areas divided by stra

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  7. 4 Glass Cleaning Tips For Your Windows & Mirrors

    Do you want to make your home or office looking great? One of the things you can do is to regularly clean the glass- from mirrors to glass windows and doors. This way, you can make it look clean and new all the time. However, removing dust, dirt, and even scratches and marks on glass can be difficult. So here are four glass cleaning tips you can consider:

    • Avoid washing windows on a sunny day. Did you know that direct exposure to sunlight and heat can leave streaks and residue on your glass windows? Although the heat can dry your window up after washing, residues get left behind. As such, try to clean them on a cloudy day so that you can have a shiny glass window without the streak.
    • Clean the glass top to bottom. Another secret to achieving that brilliant shine is to clean the glass from top to bottom. When washing them, begin at the top and carefully work your way down so that you can avoid drips on the glass. Otherwise
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  8. How To Decorate A Home Library

    It is not possible for everyone to have a room entirely dedicated to a library and it may be that a library is incorporated into another rooom such as a dining room or home office. If you want to arrange your own home library then you should decorate it in your own choice of decor, one that represents your personality, but following these tips will help you get started...

    1. First of all, a place is needed to make a home library. Choose a space for it that will allow you to display all of your books, that is easily accessible and will not cause an obstruction within your home.
    2. If it is not possible to dedicate  a room then you can manage a place in any room for this purpose. Consider a space that is quiet and relaxing for you and that has enough room to sit and read.
    3. Next step to decorate a home library is to arrange the books whether it be in book cases or on shelves. A great look is to have a floor to ceiling display.
    4. Next you need to arrange
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  9. How To Hang Your Mirror

    This has to be one of the questions that we are asked the most and so we thought it may help to share one of the articles written and published by our very own Jo Betts: The article expands on the following simple steps: Step 1: Never hang your mirror using a chain or a wire Step 2: Ensure your mirror has D-Shaped Strap Hangers on the back Step 3: Choose the right fittings for your wall type (see the table below) Step 4: Measure the position of your mirror fixings as well as the mirror itself Step 5: Put your mirror in place

    Wall Type Double Picture Hook (Max weight 5kg) Plasterboard Fastening(Max weight 15kg) Screw and Ra
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