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  1. The Little Black Dress of Interior Design

    Most women will agree that no wardrobe is complete without the investment of a black dress. Especially at this time of the year – as party season is upon us for many the little black dress is a saving grace. Dress it up, dress it down, add a splash of colour, jewelry, heels, flats; the little black dress is so versatile that if you invest in a good quality one you are sure to keep it for years. So, the jewel in the crown within the wonderful world of interiors, the little black dress of the design world, the must have item for the home…. has to be a simple but by no means plain, clear glass framed wall mirror. And here’s why… Versatility – As these mirrors have no colour or overlying patterns they work well with any interior. They reflect the colours and details of the room and so regardless of your design style a plain glass framed mirror will almost certainly compliment the décor. What’s more, if you redecorate or change the decoration of the space in any wa

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  2. Bathroom Mirrors Add To the Joy of Spending More Blissful Moments in Your Bathrooms

      You could fit stylish and decorative mirrors to your suite to make it more appealing. You need to take into consideration various things while buying suitable mirrors for your suite. Some of them are mentioned below:

    • Style of the accessory - Before selecting it, decide whether you want to have a modern or country theme for your bathroom. The design of the fixture you choose will change the outlook of this part of your house.
    • Size - You need to select its size keeping in mind the measurement of your vanity. Avoid buying the accessories, which are larger than your vanity. On the other hand, it is also not recommended to buy a small fixture for a bigger area.
    • Shape - You could choose the shape that suits other bathroom furniture
    • Color - You could choose black colored accessories for a contemporary style. Bold colors are suitable to make the area b
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  3. Creating a Shabby Chic Room for Your Little Girl

    . One popular style of decorating bedrooms for young girls is known as the "shabby chic" look. This is a style that is feminine without being too frilly. The main elements of the shabby chic look are pale, feminine colors, an emphasis on comfort, and some tasteful touches of whimsy. There is no overbearing attempt to match colors and patterns perfectly.This style of decorating is ideal for young girls who are starting to become more independent but who are not yet teenagers with teenage preoccupations.For shabby chic to work as a decorating style, it is essential to have some whimsy in the mix. The room must not take itself too seriously. Instead, there should be an element of charm and femininity.A shabby chic design bedroom for a young girl is pretty, but the femininity does not go over the top. Instead, the emphasis is on creating a light and airy space. The bed may be covered with a pretty quilt and several ruffled pillows. Real flowers and live plants give an air of being in
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  4. Does your Dressing Table Mirror Complement your Bedroom Style?

      It would be nice to wake up every morning to a bedroom with a little class and sophistication, with a nearby dressing table mirror, ready to aid you in your morning beauty regime. Although this mirror may not tell you that you are the fairest of them all first thing in the morning; it will definitely be the best feature of your room.  Not only will a dressing table mirror be stylish and eye-catching, it will create the illusion of more light and space.  But how do you know which mirror will suit your bedroom style? Here are a few tips on which mirrors will be the best match for your table dresser. Modern Bedroom Designs The modern day bedroom is very minimalistic. They incorporate indirect lighting, bold colours and unusual material choices within them. Due to the lack of furniture and objects, you want each and every piece to tell its own story and to speak for itself. T

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  5. Easy Ways to Bring That Trendy Cafe Vibe Into Your Home

    Hanging out at the local café has become something of an essential social activity for many of us. Cosying up with a hot mocha in the winter months, sitting in the sun sipping an iced coffee in summer – hanging out at cafes is definitely perfect for any season. Unfortunately, you won't be able to keep this up every day: if you tried, your wallet would be significantly lighter by the end of the year. The great news is that it's easy to bring that trendy cafe vibe into your own home, so here are a couple of ways that you can spruce up your own home and enjoy a cup of coffee without having to break the bank.

    Au Naturale Put a smile on the face of your inner hippie as you celebrate all that is natural. If you have a friend in the coffee business, you're nearly there already. Simply ask for a hemp or canvas coffee sack (coffee optional), and prop it somewhere noticeable. The more faraway the country, the better. This goes great with woo
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  6. Design a Gothic Interior

    The Gothic period is a popular choice for interior designers.  It’s initial period dates back to 1150 through 1550, but there was a major Gothic revival in the 19th centuries, as Gothic design elements were popular with the Victorians. Gothic design was strongly influenced by Roman and Medieval architecture.  The style has a religious, symbolic base.  If you want to achieve a Gothic look in your home, think back to old, historic churches with ornate spires, pointed arches, trefoil and rose designs, stained glass, and exposed wooden beams. Light in Gothic Design While most people think of dark and gloomy buildings when they think of Gothic design, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  During the Gothic period, windows got bigger and bigger, and Gothic churches got brighter and more airy, moving away from the gloomy, dull buildings of the Romanesque era. Mirrors began to get larger as glass production techniques improved, allowing
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