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  1. The Art of the Bathroom Mirror

    The bathroom mirror is an underrated yet essential part of every bathroom. Their importance can be seen in both their practical value and style. On the one hand, bathroom mirrors are vital to your everyday trimming and tidying, whilst on the other, they act as an underrated, yet effective addition to your bathrooms interior design. There are a variety of different bathroom mirrors, all with differing attributes that give different benefits to your bathroom in one way or another. Infinity Mirrors Infinity mirrors are a luxurious, eye-catching addition to any bathroom. These types of mirrors are perfect for style-conscious homeowners, who are keen to keep up with the cutting edge of modern bathroom design. The 3D effect produced by these m

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  2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Mirror Mysteries and Superstitions

    The mirror is a common household object; however, there are many mysteries and superstitions surrounding it. Do you really have seven years bad luck if you break one? Do vampires really have no reflection? We’ll separate fact from fallacy for you in this fascinating article about an item that we all have in our home. Seven years bad luck One of the most well known of all superstitions is that if you break a mirror it will bring you bad luck for seven years. It is possible that this idea originally came about in Roman times before mirrors were invented and people used to look at their reflection in a pool. As they believed that their reflection was their soul, someone throwing a rock to ripple the water and disturb the reflection was considered very bad luck. Another more down to earth explanation comes from the Victorian era when mirrors were an expensive item and could only be afforded by saving up over a number of years (seven was considered the average number of

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  3. Artistic Ideas for your Mantel

    Christmas has been and gone and your mantel piece has probably been left looking quite lonely. The mantel piece however, is supposed to be the main focal point of a room. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to rid your mantel of the January blues and give at a personality of its own to complement the rest of the room.

    Traditional Symmetrical arrangements will create a classic traditional look. Dressing up your mantel piece surrounding wall with a pair of wall sconces, one mounted on each side of the fireplace, and coupled with a round mirror would create a much more traditional feel to the room. To keep this theme running throughout you could try adding accessories and ornaments of similar shapes to the mantel to maintain the orderly look, tapered footed vases would be the ideal accessory to mimic the shape of the sconces mounted on the wall. Couple these with a pair of candelabras placed on t

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