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  1. Wooden Framed Mirrors versus Glass Framed Mirrors: Pros and Cons.

    Choosing the right frame can be one of the most important factors in choosing a decorative mirror for your home. There are a fantastic range of choices available in both modern and classically designed mirror styles but the majority of mirrors tend to feature wooden or glass frames. It can be difficult to know which one to choose – both types of frames have their advantages and both are available in styles to suit a range of décor types. We take a look at both styles of frames to help you decide which one is right for you. Glass Framed Mirrors Glass framed mirrors have a lot of benefits. They look chic and stylish and can add a modern touch to a room. Glass framed mirrors can be cut to a range of different shapes which means they can be great for creating light reflecting effects as well as distinctive art deco mirrors and other kinds of decorative mirrors.

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  2. Spring Clean Your Mirror

    The sleet and snow appears to have eased (for now!) which can surely mean that spring is around the corner. Don’t wait until then to give your home a proper spring clean and get started ready for the new season. Not only is it a good opportunity to clear out the clutter and items that you no longer need but it is also a great chance to pay some much needed attention to those often neglected pieces of furniture – including your wall and decorative mirrors. We’ve got some top tips on how to give your mirrors a thorough clean and get them looking their sparkly best once again. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably dread having to clean up your home’s mirrors – each room presents a different cleaning task which all of us wish to avoid, from grime and toothpaste marks on the bathroom mirror to perfume sprays and dust in the bedroom, there are all sorts of challenges to get through in order to get your wall mirrors looking like new again. Secret Weapon We’r

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  3. All That GlittersÂ…is Gold Mirrors!

    Among some of the most popular styles sold at Exclusive Mirrors is our Gold Collection, featuring a range of decorative mirror styles including wall mirrors, dressing table mirrors and cheval mirrors. All of these are available at affordable prices and can be used to brighten up and add a classic touch to a room. Gold mirrors are a fantastic choice for your home. Not only will they blend with most styles of décor and colour schemes, but they can also add French style accents and create a luxury feel. If it’s a bold statement that you’re looking to create, this Large Gold Gilt Mirror is a great choice that will look incredibly stylish on the wall of your living room or bedroom, with its stunningly designed wooden frame that wouldn’t look out of place in any palace or stateroom.

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  4. The Bigger The Better: Turn your large mirror into a statement piece for your home.

    There are many benefits to selecting a large mirror for your home – from creating the illusion of light and space to providing a fantastic focal point for your chosen room. Statement mirrors make a fantastic alternative to wall art or photographs and are increasingly being used by interior designers to transform a space into one of interest. Adding a large ornate mirror to your home is an affordable and easy way to transform a room and can provide the perfect finishing touch.

    French Mirrors for the Bedroom A beautiful French mirror is a stylish way to give your bedroom an elegant finish. French mirrors can look vintage thanks to their intricate detailing and are available in a range of finishes to suit the rest of your décor.  A large standalone mirror can also be a great feature to separate a room or hide some items you’d rather not have on display.

    Ornate Mirrors fo

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