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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  1. How to Liven Up Your Room: A Guide to Mirror Buying

    Mirrors aren’t just for princesses to admire themselves in; they are a great way to add an element of décor and functionality to virtually any room in your house. Liven up the overall feel of a room and add an element of surprise with a simple mirror. Although the effects mirrors have on the overall design scheme of a home are positive, they can be one of the hardest home décor items to find. There are many influential factors to consider when you are purchasing a mirror for your home: style, location, size, and décor. Style It used to be that mirrors were designed specifically for functionality; they were strictly there in order to look at a reflection of yourself in. However, with the passion of interior design advancing, more and more mirror styles have developed, and the common household mirror has evolved into so much more. Mirrors are now considered to be an art-piece or a statement piece of a home’s focal wall; so why not go with somethi
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  2. Window Mirrors – A Fantastic New Trend for Creating Light and Space in a Room

    Window mirrors are becoming increasingly prevalent in the home. From home décor websites to magazines, decorative window mirrors are fast becoming a must have item and can add a touch of style and intrigue to your home. They are versatile and elegant and look great in both small and larger spaces, adding interest and detail to a room in a way that is more unique and creative than simply adding a picture frame. Opening Small Spaces There’s no denying that a wall window mirror has many benefits for a smaller home, particularly in apartments which have been converted from larger houses and may not feature as many windows as you’d like. Adding a window mirror might not give you the views of an actual window but can certainly add perspective to a room and give the illusion of more light and space. It’s a simple trick that can make your smaller home feel more spacious and will be worth the i

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  3. Cheval Mirrors: Understated Elegance for a Serious Style Statement

    Often tucked away into the corner of a room, you may not think that cheval mirrors are anything spectacular, however, the right style and colour can seriously transform the look of the room and add an interesting element that is unique and original and more striking than your typical wall mirror. They are a luxurious item which can be moved around any time, making it a great long term investment. Cheval mirrors have been around since the 18th Century, so it’s not surprising that there’s something very Jane Austen-esque about a cheval mirror. Far from being stuck in the past though, they are a very versatile item which can add class to a contemporary styled home or help create the look of vintage décor in your home. Of course, tall cheval mirrors are a stylist’s secret – full length mirror styles give a flattering reflection, which is especially useful when trying to find the perfect outfit for your day, therefore not only will it look great in your room but help you look and feel

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  4. Ideas to Upgrade and Update Your Bathroom

    When most people consider decorating their bathroom, they may just be seeing dollar signs floating above their heads, however, it is important to remember that each little improvement you make on your bathroom can dramatically increase the value of your home if you try to sell it in the future, or simply give you the terrific space and accommodations you deserve to enjoy for years and years to come! Mirrors Why not get rid of that flat, enormous, glass mirror above the counter and sink that runs from wall to wall. By taking that down, and selecting unique, stylish, and beautiful mirror fixtures to hang above the sink, or on another wall of the bathroom, you can really open up the walls! That wall to wall mirror will date your bathroom, and you’ll be surprised by how more luxurious a bathroom will feel by putting in a beautifully framed mirror. While you may not wan
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  5. Fresh Styles – Use White Mirrors to Brighten Your Home

    They say black goes with everything – but have you ever considered using white as a staple colour? White mirrors in particular are a simple and effective way of updating the look of your home, and have many benefits that make them a great colour choice. Not only do they look clean and polished but white wall mirrors also blend in with virtually all colour schemes, making them a worthwhile investment. White decorative mirrors are available in a range of styles, from classic Rococo style mirrors with a touch of classic vintage design, to modern Art Deco type mirrors, meaning there are plenty of styles to choose from depending on your personal tastes. They also come in a range of finishes from wood to metal and as lacquered glass frames which are ideal for the bathroom. There are a whole host of benefits associated with white framed mirrors. They can instantly brighten dark rooms by adding

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