Monthly Archives: April 2013

  1. Sunburst/Starburst Mirrors – Add Some Sunshine To Your Home

    Despite the fact that we are now settling into April, there has been a distinct lack of sunshine so far this year which is doing little to lift our mood.  So as we escape the cold bitter weather, what better way to bring the sun indoors than with a sunburst mirror?  A beautiful statement piece, they add just the right amount of detail to a room without being show off or garish. Background Sunburst (otherwise known as starburst) mirrors are hardly a new concept.  In fact, they have quite an interesting history which dates back to King Louis VIX of France who was self-described as the ‘Sun King’, and had a particular affinity for mirrors – he even established Northern Europe’s  first mirror and glass factory in  St. Gobain, France.  Wh

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  2. Floral Mirrors: Styles for Spring

    Whilst we are incredibly still in the thick of winter, we are about to move into Sping and hopefully will encounter warmer weather soon (we hope!) and can enjoy being outdoors in the warm sunshine. Sadly for now, we will have to settle for relaxing indoors, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom – incorporate some beautiful floral mirror styles into your home for an on-trend springtime look. Overview Decorative mirrors with floral style frames are beautifully designed and can bring a touch of class to your home. They can be subtle or grand and are available in a range of finishes for a look that is easy to blend in with your home’s interior whilst also giving it a fresh look. Whilst floral designs tend to have a feminine quality to them, with the right colours and frame style they can also have a more masculine edge – making floral mirrors a versatile investment for your home. Frames Mirrors with wooden frames which feature floral

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