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  1. Does Your Home Insurance Cover a Broken Mirror?

    Mirrors can provide a lot of benefits to the interior of a home. They can create the illusion of more space and increase the amount of light. More expensive and elaborate pieces can be featured in the same manner as works of art. If something happens, a homeowner's insurance policy may cover them, but there are some things that should be considered before deciding to make a claim. Insurance claims on mirrors Home contents insurance generally covers items in your home from damage and theft. However, be aware that most insurance policies have an excess of around £100-£200, so if a mirror is worth less than that it may not be worth it to make a claim. Filing a claim is also likely to increase premium prices in subsequent years. If you have a large excess to pay, it might make more sense to use that money to buy a brand new mirror instead of losing your no claims discount. *Damage to mirrors - Typical policies will cover damage to property that is

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  2. Unique Ways To Enliven Your Living Space with Mirrors

    There was a time when the use of mirrors was restricted only for dressing and make-up purposes. With changing times, mirrors are now widely being used for home decor. In fact, mirrors have now become an indispensable part of home decor. Apart from reflecting light and invigorating your space, mirrors are an excellent way to enhance your home decor  They can transform your homes from uninteresting ones to luxurious and comfortable space. Mirrors can offer an extraordinary appearance and change the ambiance of a room, if used in the right style. One of the many benefits of decorating your home with mirrors is that it has the power to replicate light and brings warmth to your space, making it appear brighter and wider. Here are a few simple ways to use mirrors for home decor  which is the best way to expand your living space in the most affordable manner: Mirror Decor in the Kitchen Brighten up your kitchen by adding mirrors to cabinet doors. Traditional mirro

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