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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  1. A Guide to Buying an Emphasis Mirror

    An emphasis mirror can serve many different purposes in your home and is a key design feature if you are looking to direct guests attention to certain aspects of your room. From a design perspective using a focal point mirror in a large living space can help brighten up your room as the mirror will successfully reflect the light.


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  2. How to Use Black with Style and Elegance in Your Home Decor

    Black can be a daring choice for many when it comes to interior décor however used strategically to create a sophisticated feel black can really enhance your home environment. Black has been around for many years however in more recent years we have seen black used in many contemporary home to offer an elegant feel. We did see black take a backseat a few years ago as we saw the emergence of bright colours being used however with trends like monochrome black is very much back and here to stay.

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  3. Add an Urban Industrial Feel to Your Home

    Sometimes the homes bare foundations like exposed brickwork, metal and other construction elements can also serve as the basic design for an industrial urban home décor. This industrial look which has become extremely popular in many home and apartments evolved from factories in the 19th century which were abandoned and then used by artists and architects who enjoyed the open space to showcase work.

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  4. The Positioning of Your Wall Mirror and its Importance

    We are all aware that the positioning of a wall mirror can indeed bring additional light and space to your home but are you aware of exactly where to position your mirror to achieve this? There are several do’s and don’ts when it comes to the positioning of your mirror within your home.

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