Monthly Archives: May 2015

  1. Ways to Position A Mirror in Your Bedroom

    Your bedroom is considered your safe haven a place where you can relax therefore it is essential you choose your bedroom mirror carefully. Selecting a mirror that is appropriate for your bedroom is key as you do not want to overpower your space or create a negative energy which may potentially spoil your calm relaxing environment. Mirrors work well in almost every room in your home however in this guide we offer some tips on where to place mirrors in your bedroom design.  

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  2. Get Your Home Summer Ready

    We are now officially into the British summer and we have to say we’ve had some gorgeous sunny days already long may they continue! The summer season brings to mind easy, breezy relaxed days. It’s all about embracing the outdoors and enjoying the light nights. Why not bring that sense of excitement and relaxation into your home décor.

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