Care & Maintenance

  1. Christmas Decorating With Mirrors

    round black convex mirror

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  2. Tips On How To Secure A Leaner Mirror

    Benefits of a leaner mirror

    Leaner mirrors have many benefits including creating the illusion of increased space. If positioned strategically across from the sunlight these mirrors can easily create the illusion of increased space, this is ideal for small living spaces as it can make a cramped looking space feel expansive.

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  3. How to Clean Your Mirror

    At Exclusive Mirrors we understand if you have recently purchased a new mirror you want it to remain looking in pristine condition. That’s why we have put together a guide on how to clean your mirrors correctly. Many people believe cleaning a mirror is an easy task however it is not just a case of simple soap and water.

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  4. Spring Clean Your Mirror

    The sleet and snow appears to have eased (for now!) which can surely mean that spring is around the corner. Don’t wait until then to give your home a proper spring clean and get started ready for the new season. Not only is it a good opportunity to clear out the clutter and items that you no longer need but it is also a great chance to pay some much needed attention to those often neglected pieces of furniture – including your wall and decorative mirrors. We’ve got some top tips on how to give your mirrors a thorough clean and get them looking their sparkly best once again. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably dread having to clean up your home’s mirrors – each room presents a different cleaning task which all of us wish to avoid, from grime and toothpaste marks on the bathroom mirror to perfume sprays and dust in the bedroom, there are all sorts of challenges to get through in order to get your wall mirrors looking like new again. Secret Weapon We’r

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  5. 4 Glass Cleaning Tips For Your Windows & Mirrors

    Do you want to make your home or office looking great? One of the things you can do is to regularly clean the glass- from mirrors to glass windows and doors. This way, you can make it look clean and new all the time. However, removing dust, dirt, and even scratches and marks on glass can be difficult. So here are four glass cleaning tips you can consider:

    • Avoid washing windows on a sunny day. Did you know that direct exposure to sunlight and heat can leave streaks and residue on your glass windows? Although the heat can dry your window up after washing, residues get left behind. As such, try to clean them on a cloudy day so that you can have a shiny glass window without the streak.
    • Clean the glass top to bottom. Another secret to achieving that brilliant shine is to clean the glass from top to bottom. When washing them, begin at the top and carefully work your way down so that you can avoid drips on the glass. Otherwise
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  6. How To Hang Your Mirror

    This has to be one of the questions that we are asked the most and so we thought it may help to share one of the articles written and published by our very own Jo Betts: The article expands on the following simple steps: Step 1: Never hang your mirror using a chain or a wire Step 2: Ensure your mirror has D-Shaped Strap Hangers on the back Step 3: Choose the right fittings for your wall type (see the table below) Step 4: Measure the position of your mirror fixings as well as the mirror itself Step 5: Put your mirror in place

    Wall Type Double Picture Hook (Max weight 5kg) Plasterboard Fastening(Max weight 15kg) Screw and Ra
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  7. How to... Clean Mirrors?

    How to… Clean Mirrors! Not the most exciting topic ever, but if you’ve ever tried to clean a mirror you will understand how frustrating it can be. From one angle it looks clean, only for you to move across the room to see unsightly streaks or smears. Searching the Internet can produce all sorts of weird and wonderful answers for getting the glass of your mirror to sparkle. From using scrunched up newspaper, mixing white vinegar with concoctions of chemicals, through to using coffee filters as cloths. I am sure that all of these solutions hold merit, but in actual fact achieving that desired shine is so simple… The biggest culprit for ‘dirt’ on mirrors is dust, especially around the edges next to the frame. My first piece of advice is therefore to start from the middle of the mirror and work outwards. Starting at the edges is the most natural way to start your cleaning, but by doing so with a mirror you are more likely to spread the condensed dirt right across
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  8. The best way to approach cleaning a mirror

    It is true to say that mirrors are not always the easiest objects to clean. Many people neglect to look after the mirrors in their home due to some of the frustrations involved. However, what they might not have considered is changing their cleaning method, so that the usual dirt, streaks and cleaning residue is fully removed from the item for once. While there is no one universal strategy that is recommended for everyone, there really are ways to ensure the mirror is left sparkling and streak-free following this process. Next time, you might not be so averse to getting on with this task now you know what is required. Firstly you need to refrain from using harsh chemicals on the mirror surface and the frame. Make sure you only use products which are recommended for this task or create the solution yourself. This can be achieved by combining one cup of distilled or white vinegar with four cups of warmish water. Once you have achieved this you should now remove any marks o

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  9. Resolve to care for your mirrors

    In this day and age when people live such busy lives it is fairly easy for householders to neglect the housework. Within a matter of days the home can look untidy and cluttered. Over a longer period of time, ornaments and decorations can soon gather dust. While this is understandable to a degree, you can always make a greater effort to look after your possessions better this year. At the start of 2012, this is a good point to make a New Year’s resolution to care for all the mirrors you have installed around the house. They just need a bit of care and attention every now and again to keep them looking sparkling and as good as new. Then, should you ever have guests round for dinner, they will marvel at how attractive these wall decorations are and how they add to the atmosphere created in your home. It is not going to cost you the earth either to maintain your mirrors, so make it a priority to clean them according to the recommended methods when they are starting to lose their s

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  10. Care for your mirrors and make them sparkle

    It would be a shame to invest so much in an exquisite mirror design for your lounge or sitting room, only for it to lose its shine due to years of neglect. With just a little bit of care and attention every now and again you can keep your mirror looking at its best all the time. To restore your household mirrors to former glories, you just need to have the right equipment to hand. The following is a simple tip to making your mirrors sparkle again like they did in the past. The restoration of your mirror surface can be achieved by dipping a clean cloth in a 50/50 mix of water or denatured alcohol and borax. Then all you need to do is wipe the mirror using the cloth and finish off by polishing it with a paper towel or lint-free cloth. By doing the above, this should help you to achieve the shine you were hoping for and bring your mirror back to life. When your guests come round to visit they will surely notice the difference in the reflection within the mirror as it can really c

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