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  1. Modern Monochrome For Autumn 2017

    Although it’s not officially Autumn just yet we’ve already said goodbye to the last days of Summer and are pretty excited to embrace the cooler months and nest in our cosy homes. Transitioning from Summer to Autumn means brand new interior trends giving us a chance to start preparing our homes for the coming months.

    There are some exciting trends to consider for Autumn which include deeper, dark shades for walls, bright accents and natural materials however the first one we’re going to focus on (and possibly one of our favourites) is modern monochrome.

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  2. Trending – Moroccan Interior Inspiration for Summer 2017

    We’ve been sifting through the latest interior magazines and checking out the blogs to see what’s hot for Summer 2017. We found that global style interiors are gaining popularity specifically with a nod towards Moroccan inspiration. The beauty of this trend is its vast array of colours and bohemian aesthetics gives you plenty of options for styling in your home.

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  3. Various Ways To Style Mirrors In Your Bedroom

    We’ve been receiving so many customer photos and blogger collaboration images recently and it’s been so interesting to see how each customer has styled the mirror in their own bedroom. A bedroom mirror is one of those pieces that can instantly enhance your room giving it that touch of something special, completing your look.

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  4. Which Mirror Should I Go For?

    We're super excited to share with you our  which mirror flowchart guide! We often get asked by customers about the style of mirrors and which style would work best in which room, so we thought we'd create a simple flowchart that may just help you decide which mirror to buy.

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  5. Happy Heart Day!

    This year we're doing Valentines day a little differently!

    When we think of Valentines day we automatically think of pink and red love hearts, roses and of course chocolates! The love heart symbol has to be one of today's most popular signs, however we wanted to delve a little deeper into why we actually use the love heart symbol to symbolise love. We did a bit of research and came across some interesting finds as to where the love heart symbol may have originated from.

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  6. Get On Trend! Our Top 5 Interior Design Trend Predictions for 2017

    Happy New Year! A brand new year calls for a brand new set of interior design trends and we're super excited to share these trends for the year ahead! We’ve been searching through blog posts, interior magazines and spoke with bloggers to get a feel for the new trends that will take 2017 by storm.

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  7. Cosy Up Your Bedroom During Winter

    Baby it's cold outside! Christmas is almost upon us and there's nothing more satisfying during this time of year than curling up in bed and getting nice and cosy. As we head into January the cold weather will remain therefore it's essential to create your cosy hideaway right now in your bedroom. Although we wish we could install a fireplace in our bedroom it's probably not the most practical decision however there are lots of other ways to create a warm atmosphere that will see you right through the Winter months.

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  8. How Your Fireplace Can Become The Heart Of Your Christmas Home

    The Christmas countdown is officially on with just a few weeks to go until the big day. One of our favourite activities around the festive season is decorating the house with lots of fun accessories. What other time of the year is it acceptable to go over board with the glitz and sparkle that comes along with wonderful Christmas decorations.

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  9. Interior Design Experts Show Us How To Use Window Mirrors

    Whether you're looking to completely transform your room or add a new lease of life to your current space a mirror is the perfect option. We're focusing our attention in this post specifically on window mirrors and how they can create the illusion of increased space as well as helping to radiate light.

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  10. Overmantle Mirror Inspiration

     Positioning a mirror above your fireplace is a timeless decor strategy. The mirror adds depth and creates an attractive focal point in your room. Typically fireplace mirrors offer a rectangular shape and are arched in style, however more and more people are now experimenting with new styles and designs creating a more contemporary feel. The mirror is able to reflect and enhance objects featured on your fireplace creating a beautiful centre piece in your room.

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