Do you want to make your home or office looking great? One of the things you can do is to regularly clean the glass- from mirrors to glass windows and doors. This way, you can make it look clean and new all the time. However, removing dust, dirt, and even scratches and marks on glass can be difficult. So here are four glass cleaning tips you can consider:
  • Avoid washing windows on a sunny day. Did you know that direct exposure to sunlight and heat can leave streaks and residue on your glass windows? Although the heat can dry your window up after washing, residues get left behind. As such, try to clean them on a cloudy day so that you can have a shiny glass window without the streak.
  • Clean the glass top to bottom. Another secret to achieving that brilliant shine is to clean the glass from top to bottom. When washing them, begin at the top and carefully work your way down so that you can avoid drips on the glass. Otherwise, the drips will dry up and leave residues behind. For hard to reach surfaces such as the corners of your glass windows, you can use a cotton swab to remove dust and dirt which have accumulated there.
  • Avoid dripping glass cleaners on woodwork. Take note that most glass and window cleaners can damage woodwork such as frames on windows and mirrors. As much as possible, take extra precaution not to drip them on the wood. When spraying the glass cleaner, spray the window or mirror in small sections from the top down so as not to damage the wooden surfaces. You can also opt to use a homemade window cleaner to give your mirror a brilliant shine. A homemade window cleaner is milder; yet is effective as branded ones so you won’t have to worry much about causing damage. Just mix one cup of water with one tablespoon white vinegar and one cup of isopropyl alcohol. This will let the cleaner evaporate quickly, giving the glass a nice shine.
  • Use cleaning materials that won’t leave any marks. Did you know that wiping the glass twice can leave behind streaks? That’s why it is recommended that you use a squeegee. For tall glass windows and walls, you can use a long handled squeegee. Just polish each side of the window or wall. You can also use an old cotton shirt when washing your windows.
These are four glass cleaning tips that can help you get the shine you want. So start cleaning now and see the great result!