An emphasis mirror can serve many different purposes in your home and is a key design feature if you are looking to direct guests attention to certain aspects of your room. From a design perspective using a focal point mirror in a large living space can help brighten up your room as the mirror will successfully reflect the light.


Alternatively in a small environment the mirror can be used strategically to create the impression of additional space. The trick is to place your mirror in a position so that it will reflect items from a different part of the room adding another depth and dimension to your living space.

Size, Shape & Style

There are many styles of emphasis mirrors available, in this guide we offer some tips on what size, shape and design will work best in your home. The style of your mirror should also match the existing décor within your room so that it blends seamlessly. The various styles of emphasis mirrors available range from simple and elegant to heavily ornate. You should select what room your mirror is going to be hung in and assess what furniture is currently there.

This will help you decipher the style of the room and allow you to select a mirror that will blend beautifully. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles together modern and antique designs tie together well offering you a quirky vintage feel to your home. The shape of your emphasis mirror is one of the most important elements to consider.

There are a range of different mirror shapes available including the traditional rectangular and square to the more stylish round, oval and diamond. Mirrors are generally used to emphasise an existing room or provide the practical function of allowing users to take a quick glance at their reflection. The purpose of a focal point mirror is to give your room a burst of personality and to help add dimension to smaller living spaces. Ideally your focal point mirror should be small to medium in size.

Modern Emphasis Mirrors

 Modern emphasis mirrors generally offer features like sleek, clean lines and are usually a specific shape. Modern focal point mirrors are made from metal and often wood. These materials allow the finish of the mirror to be easily tailored to fit the exact feel of your room.

When selecting your modern emphasis mirror you should make sure the lines of the mirror complement the lines of your current furniture this will help create a cohesive design in your living space. When selecting your modern emphasis mirror focus on the design, shape and size.

Imagine the colour that would blend perfectly into the space and decide if a modern look is what your space needs. A splash of vibrancy given by adding a modern emphasis mirror with other pieces of furniture to create a striking focal point will successfully add depth to your room.

EE1507 Ballantrae Rectangle Mirror 117 x 86cm                

Contemporary Emphasis Mirrors The contemporary design styles focuses on sleek, clean lines combined with funky, abstract angles to create an ultra-stylish fresh look to your home. This design style uses creativity to take an existing emphasis mirror and transform it into something a little more striking.

A popular shape for a contemporary emphasis mirror is either round or oval. A round emphasis mirror in a room can add just the right amount of depth and will subtly reflect the light adding the perfect amount of brightness. In small living spaces a round contemporary emphasis mirror can help bring the space to life.

It can also help give the room a more even and continuous flow. When guests are scanning your room the use of a round accent mirror can help the eyes travel from one piece to another in a smooth motion.

Vintage and Antique Emphasis Mirrors

 Using a vintage or antique emphasis mirror in your home will instantly add character. Vintage emphasis mirrors are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes with extra care and attention being paid to the ornate detail on the frame. Some popular vintage shapes include, oval, diamond and octago.

These shapes can help an oddly shaped room have more character and depth. Oval shapes can help create the impression of more height to your space ideal for rooms that have low ceilings. Using an antique emphasis mirror in a formal space like your living or dining area can help set the tone of the room. Vintage emphasis mirrors generally offer a rich more luxurious feel with stunning detail to the frame. EE884 Antique CreamOval Mirror 152 x 104cm (1)                

Rustic Style Emphasis Mirrors

 Rustic design styles lean more towards the use of bronze/copper metals as well as wooden frames. The designs are more traditionally styled and will easily blend into any current home environment. The use of wooden frames is extremely popular and can help create a weathered outdoor vibe. This rustic style can also help bring some of the elements of nature inside your home. Some of the more popular elements used in rustic emphasis mirrors are driftwood and deer antlers.

The most common shapes of rustic emphasis mirrors are square and rectangular. These shapes work extremely well in a variety of different room sizes and will blend seamlessly into any current home décor ether contemporary or traditional. We hope this guide has offered you some insight into selecting the perfect emphasis mirror for your own home. Look out for further design tips and advice on our blog.

The Exclusive Mirrors Team x