Letting agents are always looking for tricks to help get a home off of the market as soon as possible. Like a hotel room, any property that’s available is one that isn’t making money for either the owner or the agent. From sample furnishings to artwork, there are several tactics that a letting agent can use to take advantage of appealing to the human eye outside of the general lay of the property. Mirrors aren’t just a decorative piece for a home, but a way to create an optical illusion to any potential tenant that may be looking at a specific piece of property. Hallways Hallways are usually a dreary piece of the property that are hard to decorate. Placing a mirror at the end of a hallway is going to make it look twice as big as it actually is. While the average person will realize it’s only a mirror, the mind insists that the hallway is longer. Fireplaces The area over a fireplace is often one of heated argument. The days of placing a family or individual portrait over a fireplace are long gone, and the style could even be considered a decorating faux pas. Giving your room the look it deserves with a decorative mirror is going to have multiple effects. When the fire is actually going, the glow that’s emitted and reflected onto the mirror from furnishings actually helps give the room more color. Bedrooms While you might think a powder mirror isn’t going to do much, a decorative mirror of adequate size in the bedroom actually makes it look bigger. The human eye looks for walls when it walks into an unfamiliar room. The mirror tells us that the wall isn’t actually there and the room is larger than one might think. Again, the average person understands this, but takes more appeal to a property because of the way it “looked”. Bathrooms Before installing that bulky medicine cabinet, it’s important to realize that a medicine cabinet can easily subtract as much as 20 cubic feet from a room. By installing cabinets under your sink, and adding in a decorative mirror above the sink, you’ll not only make your bathroom look bigger with the mirror effect, but you’ll actually have a bigger bathroom. Use the extra space you’ve made yourself in the bathroom and enjoy your mornings before and after your shower.