The winter may now be over but many people who are looking at home improvements decide to use this time of year to install a new fireplace in their property. This is because, like mirrors, fireplaces and hearths can really enhance your living space. Even in the spring and summer, a fireplace can bring a certain style to your home and provide the focal point to a living room. This is in addition to their primary function of giving you the welcome warmth during the winter months when it can get really cold. In fact, there is nothing better at creating that cosy and restful atmosphere quite like a fireplace can. When the fireplace installation has been completed, it is now time to consider a suitable overmantle mirror to add to the room even further. There are a wide range of designs and styles to select from when it comes to overmantle mirrors, including gold ornate frame, black glass, extra-large round and glass framed options. You can also get more unusual contemporary designs too, so it all depends on the interior design of your home. So, when you are having a new fireplace put in, give some careful thought to the overmantle mirror you will be placing just above it.