All around us there are examples of mirrors. In every corner of society mirrors are used for a number of different purposes. But what exactly is a mirror and why are these objects so useful to us? In this article we will be considering these questions and pondering the reasons for the popularity of mirrors through to the present day. Technically speaking, a mirror can be defined as an object able to reflect sound or light in a manner that manages to maintain most of the original quality just before it makes contact with the mirror. There are also mirrors able to filter certain wavelengths and preserve others in its reflection. A mirror is inherently different from the majority of other objects with light-reflecting qualities. You can get mirrors in a range of forms, from plane mirrors with flat surfaces to curved mirrors which manage to distort the image reflected on its surface. Most people when they think of mirrors refer to them as decorative objects within a home or when used for personal grooming and getting dressed. They are also widely used in architectural design and in the world of science too, so there is no end to the possibilities of mirrors.