A bathroom is a place in the home which can often seem very enclosed as they do tend to remain fairly dark. This is why you need to think of ways to draw more light into the room and brighten it up a little bit. Of course you can redecorate the room towards a certain theme. Many people do like to use deep blue colours to remind them of the ocean and as they relax in the bath or have a shower, it does feel rather tranquil in there. But what is the good in creating a certain mood in the bathroom if the only light which is ever present in there is artificial? The darkness needs to be offset by the use of windows and mirrors. The former depends on the funds you have available to change the situation, but with a mirror you can achieve this at the fraction of the cost. As well as bringing in more light, reflecting it all around, mirrors also create the feeling of the room being spacious. Wall mirrors are especially useful in this regard as they can be placed on the wall to make a striking statement. There are many wall mirrors to choose from when you take a look online. Mirrored cabinets are also available to give you more room for all your bath, shower and grooming products.