Sometimes the homes bare foundations like exposed brickwork, metal and other construction elements can also serve as the basic design for an industrial urban home décor. This industrial look which has become extremely popular in many home and apartments evolved from factories in the 19th century which were abandoned and then used by artists and architects who enjoyed the open space to showcase work.

Today this urban style has become exceptionally popular with individuals living in apartments and cities however there is also an opportunity for home owners to embrace this style and introduce elements within their home. Whether you current have a vintage or more contemporary home décor this style can really add the edge to your interior.

We’ve out together some ideas of the basic elements of this industrial style and how you can incorporate it into your own home.

Weathered Wood

 The wood traditionally used in old factories suffered from immense wear and tear over the years creating a worn weathered wood look. Selecting pieces of weathered wooden furniture for your home can really help add warmth and character. A coffee table like the one below is ideal for incorporating weathered wood into today’s modern homes whilst also helping to tie your room together nicely.


Exposed Finishes and Materials

Exposed brickwork was commonly used in factories with many bricks being sued for their durability and longevity. However many of us are not lucky enough to have exposed brickwork hiding behind our dry walls therefore a handy tip is if you are looking to create this look use brick or brock veneers.

Brick veneers are fantastic and if you are looking to subtly incorporate this exposed brick finish why not use it as a feature wall within your home. Wooden flooring is also a must within our industrial urban style. In factories wooden flooring would have been left exposed and was extremely common. If you have original wooden flooring in your home or apartment why not stain or seal it to give a finished look with a modern twist. Wooden flooring can add warmth to your interior as well as providing a stylish feel.



Industrial pendant lighting fixtures with porcelain shades that hang low into your home environment are a classic industrial style. Cast aluminium bulbs cages and steel glass shades were also widely used in factories and therefore have become extremely popular with the industrial heritage style.

Today many lighting manufactures supply low hanging porcelain shades and other steel lamps shades therefore it is easy to create the industrial look. The important thing to consider is the positioning of your light. Featuring a low hanging lamp shade over an island in your kitchen or even above your dining table will create a subtle industrial element.

silver pendant ceiling light                

Rustic Feel

The urban industrial style appeals to many homeowners due to its rustic feel of rough and natural finish. There are ways to introduce a rustic element into your home whilst also incorporating contemporary design and styling in your furniture and other decorative pieces.

Rustic colours like deep brown, white grey and black can sometimes leave your home environment feeling cold incorporating textiles and other decorative ornaments can helps add warmth to your home interior and balances out the harsh rustic colours. Things like accent pillows, rugs, candles and other decorative items work extremely well in this rustic style.


Large Sized Mirrors/Artwork

The introduction of a large oversized wall mirror featured on an exposed brick wall is the ultimate in industrial style. Due to the majority of industrial spaces following an open plan living theme and oversized large wall mirror can help create a focal point in your room as well as helping to tie the room together nicely.

A large mirror can also help to create the illusion of an increased living space creating perfect for city apartments. The same look an also be achieved with artwork or even home photographs be daring and get an image blown up onto a canvas and feature it on your wall adding an important industrial element to your home.

EE1541 Baxter Rectangle Mirror 107 x 69cm                

Urban living has evolved throughout the years and the industrial aesthetics of a city apartment can be successfully created in any home. Use these tips to bring an urban feel to your home with a modern twist perfect for today’s modern homes. Watch out for further styling advice in our blog posts.

The Exclusive Mirrors Team x