Mirrors are an excellent form of room decoration as not only do they look good when they are viewed hanging there on the wall, but they also serve a number of other purposes too, unlike a painting or portrait. However, when you have just purchased a new mirror for your hall, living room or dining room, you need to think about how to get the best reflection out of it. Due to the fact that mirrors are able to add light to a room while creating an illusion that there is more space in there than there actually is, you need to position the mirror correctly to achieve this. If you are wondering how you can angle the mirror effectively then consider the following points. Firstly, before you hang the mirror up; be sure to take a look around the room to determine whether you have chosen a suitable place to hang the mirror. You could place it on a wall adjacent to a work of art so it reflects the painting and gives the room a spacious feel. Angling the mirror downwards slightly will allow the reflection to pick up attractive objects which are kept within the room. Make sure the mirror is not angled so it reflects any glare. Therefore, be sure to bear in mind the location of any windows.