Mirrors are great for all rooms in the house, they have a fantastic ability to seemingly increase the size of a room, as well as contribute massively to the overall design and theme of the space. Finding a mirror that matches each room naturally is a great way of not only incorporating it for its usual functionality, but also as a feature that contributes and adheres to the rooms theme, and what better room to enhance with a mirror than the ‘heart of the home’: the kitchen. Design Why should a kitchen be all about functionality? This is the space in which we sit with our families to enjoy dinner or start the day with a hearty breakfast, it goes without saying the design and appearance of the room should be enjoyable and welcoming. By enhancing the theme in your kitchen with a matching mirror, you will create a look that shows dedication and planning that brings the whole room together. For example, if your table and chairs have a Venetian style design with detailed metal frames and legs, then finding a mirror with a matching frame will adhere to this theme. Alternatively, if your kitchen is much more ‘contemporary’ and features modern worktops and appliances, a mirror with a modern design is much more suitable. Consider a popular ‘infinity’ mirror which seemingly creates a never ending portal, or a ‘fractured’ mirror which has a frame made of many pieces of smaller mirrored glass. Positioning The positioning of your mirror is just as important as its design; the aim with proper mirror positioning is to reflect abundance. For example, if you hang a large mirror near the dining area in your kitchen, the aim is to capture a well-dressed table which features modern cutlery and crockery, candleholders and alike, as opposed to a large empty table top. Many people struggle to lift a large, heavy mirror above the fireplace or mantle, and once it is hung they find it reflects the ceiling and nothing more. Another great example of why a mirror should capture ‘abundance’ to create art of its own. This can be used to your advantage if positioned at an end of the room which faces your kitchen workspace or cooking area; there are surely lots of things to reflect, and the mirror will do just that. Adding a mirror to any kitchen can bring character and a feeling of spaciousness, and providing you pick the right mirror for you, it can do wonders for the kitchen’s design too!