You could fit stylish and decorative mirrors to your suite to make it more appealing. You need to take into consideration various things while buying suitable mirrors for your suite. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • Style of the accessory - Before selecting it, decide whether you want to have a modern or country theme for your bathroom. The design of the fixture you choose will change the outlook of this part of your house.
  • Size - You need to select its size keeping in mind the measurement of your vanity. Avoid buying the accessories, which are larger than your vanity. On the other hand, it is also not recommended to buy a small fixture for a bigger area.
  • Shape - You could choose the shape that suits other bathroom furniture
  • Color - You could choose black colored accessories for a contemporary style. Bold colors are suitable to make the area brighter. If you wish to have a modern look, you could use mellow accent colors like gray, off-white, cream and many others.
  • Easy to clean - Before buying it, it is advisable to keep in mind the maintenance of the fixtures.
  • Long lasting - Check if the product you are buying is of excellent quality
    Attractive features of designer accessories While buying the fixtures, you need to ensure that they perfectly blend with the color of the walls, lights and tiles that you have fitted in the bathroom. Additionally, you could find a suitable frame for the fixture to give it a decent look. You could select exclusive designer accessories available at well recognized furnishings stores. They are featured with lights, magnification and other secondary utilities. Below mentioned are some categories of such accessories:
  • Non-illuminated - These mirrors are in great demand these days. You can find them in different shapes, styles and sizes. These are covered with a wooden or modern frame and are the suitable option for a traditional shower room.
  • Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors - These are another popular choice of the masses. They help in making your bath area look more spacious. You could fit them at shaving or make up areas. Lights in these kinds of fixtures are either mounted externally on the glass or fitted behind it. Some of them are available with magnified sections for close up tasks. You could ask the manufacturers to attach a digital clock with them to make them look attractive.
  • Shaving Mirrors - They are the perfect choice for small suites. They are light in weight and could be fitted above the basin or any other suitable location.
These designer fixtures are available in different designs including round, oval, square and circle. These are manufactured on the basis of different themes including contemporary, art deco, geometric, wooden, off- beat and unconventional designs. Why are the oval fixtures gaining popularity? The oval fixtures will make your suite look more elegant and decent. They are available with wooden, plastic or metal frames. Frameless accessories are available with slanted edges. You could use them for versatile functions like shaving, hair styling or applying makeup. These types of accessories are easily fitted to a shallow cabinet. Moreover, they are available with steam proofing features. They have the ability to resist steam buildup, which other fixtures could not. Oval shaped mirrors are usually available with inbuilt lighting. This feature helps an individual to see a clear image in the night.