As well as being an extremely practical addition to your bathroom, mirrors can also be used to create the perfect style. When you are fitting out your bathroom just the way you want it, of course you need to consider all bath, shower, toilet and sink options too, but the mirrors are important to setting the mood of this space. While standard mirrors may not be all that appealing to you, it is exciting to know that you can now get illuminated and LED-backlit bathroom mirrors, plus mirrored bathroom cabinets fitted in your room. This gives you greater freedom when designing your ideal bathroom and how you wish it to look. For bathroom mirrors to set the tone of the room, you can utilise these lighting choices and ensure that these contemporary reflective surfaces can give the precise light you need them too. You can select your mirror from hundreds of different styles and shapes, and if youÂ’d prefer the mirror to be built into a cabinet, there are a number of these options now available for order online. So set the right tone for your bathroom, with the perfect ambience, by installing one of these excellent bathroom mirrors and cabinets.