If you have been redecorating your home and have recently purchased a mirror to hang proudly on the wall of your lounge or dining area, such as a full length decorative wall mirror or modern black glass mirror, then you need to ensure that it is kept looking as good as it was when you first bought it. In order to keep the mirror in this pristine and immaculate condition you need to perform a simple procedure every now and again. By caring for your wall mirror or other type of mirror you should keep it clean and without blemish. When it comes to mirrors it is not that easy to maintain the shiny, spotless surface for too long, especially if you have young kids and pets. As the mirror is the focal point of your room you would understandably want it to look amazing when guests come to visit your home. This can only be achieved through regular upkeep. Cleaning your mirror to remove fingerprints and other blemishes can be achieved by mixing a quarter of a cup of warm water with a cup of white vinegar. You can then apply this to the mirror and get it sparkling again by rubbing paper in small circles across its surface. Following this, wipe away any wetness from the mirror, ensuring there are no marks left. By following the above and caring for your new mirror, you can keep it looking beautiful and the envy of your friends and family.