When you are getting ready and want the perfect mirror to see yourself in while trying on various outfits, a cheval mirror is the ideal solution. These free standing mirrors are an important part of the bedroom or dressing area as they can be adjusted so you can see your figure completely in the reflection. No matter how tall or small you are; these large mirrors can be tilted according to your preference. This not only makes them perfect for serving a function in your bedroom setup, they also look great too. You can choose from a variety of different styles when it comes to cheval mirrors; whether you want a traditional or contemporary design, it is all up to you. The black or clear glass framed cheval mirror is a popular option, with the fact it stands at a remarkable 1.5 meters tall being a big selling point. Another mirror that stands out from the crowd is the floor standing gold cheval ‘Munroe’ mirror. This modern mirror has been beautifully carved in wood and the gold effect makes it very appealing. If you are looking for something even more practical, you could decide on a wooden framed cheval mirror which comes complete with a shelf.