Often tucked away into the corner of a room, you may not think that cheval mirrors are anything spectacular, however, the right style and colour can seriously transform the look of the room and add an interesting element that is unique and original and more striking than your typical wall mirror. They are a luxurious item which can be moved around any time, making it a great long term investment. Cheval mirrors have been around since the 18th Century, so it’s not surprising that there’s something very Jane Austen-esque about a cheval mirror. Far from being stuck in the past though, they are a very versatile item which can add class to a contemporary styled home or help create the look of vintage décor in your home. Of course, tall cheval mirrors are a stylist’s secret – full length mirror styles give a flattering reflection, which is especially useful when trying to find the perfect outfit for your day, therefore not only will it look great in your room but help you look and feel great too! Not many luxury mirror styles allow you to see your full reflection, so a cheval mirror is a worthy asset to have in your home. Decorative cheval mirrors are available in a range of great styles and finishes. Metallic cheval mirrors add a chic element and really transform the look of the room, whilst matt colours in neutrals like cream or white can achieve that minimalist glamour feel that looks pure and clean and adds a brightening element to a room. French style cheval mirrors can feature detailed designs and patterns to create a classic, beautiful look which is great for both the bedroom and other rooms of the house or more modern styles with glass frames are ideal for contemporary décor or those with a minimalist feel. Cheval mirrors can be positioned in a way so that they reflect the light back into a room and give it a larger, more open feel. With the right styling you can also turn it into a statement feature of your room. Try old school Hollywood glamour and drape your full length mirror with jewellery or accessories for a stylish boudoir look. They are as much for decoration as they are for being a functional mirror, so it is worth taking some time to pick the right one for your needs. You will be surprised by the various styles and shapes that are on offer, from round, square or oval cheval mirrors, there are plenty of styles available to suit every need or situation. Simple mirror frame styles for example can look elegant in a corridor or hallway, adding an extra detail to an otherwise bare part of the home. For dozens of great cheval mirrors in a range of shapes and finishes, check out Exclusive Mirror’s collection here and enjoy browsing this timeless mirror style.