The functional use of mirrors is widely known and generally taken for granted. Yes, they can add light to a room and make it appear more spacious, but really they are reflective surfaces in which to look at. However, the latest modern mirrors are really something to behold. When you are redesigning and renovating your home in a bid to create a particular effect, the multi-facet mirror is special in that it can become the main talking point of a room. As a wall mirror it can be placed so that everyone can see it and therefore it can become a great showpiece. In additional to its practical use, this style of mirror is perfect for making a statement in your living room or dining area. There are many designs to choose from when it comes to multi-facet mirrors. For example, you could decide on a square block framed mirror with its zigzag pattern, or go for the shattered effect with a mirror made up of smaller pieces of glass. So if you want a decorative item which is so much more than simply a nice thing to look at, these multi-facet mirrors are able to give your prized artwork a run for its money.