If you work in the creative industries such as advertising or digital media and you want to give the impression that you work on the cutting edge of design, it is important to fit out your office with the right décor. Selecting the furniture and floor coverings that says the most about your company and what it stands for is one of the things you need to consider; as is whether you want to use bright colours or more subtle tones. Once you have arranged your office furniture and installed the latest technology in this renovated work environment you can now look to the decorative items that would complement the style you have decided on. This includes whether you will hang paintings on the wall or other works of art. Whatever you do, make sure you contemplate the use of mirrors to good effect. There are many modern mirrors and Art Deco options for you to check out as you work out what would be the most suitable wall decoration for this contemporary office. The mirrors could then be placed in reception as well as in other areas, to really give your office that artistic feel. You don’t even have to get large mirrors either, as smaller ones may show off the frame design without producing too much of a reflection.