So the big day is almost upon us therefore getting into the Christmas spirit is essential. Decorating your home for the holidays is an exciting task; decorating the tree, hanging stockings and decorating your fireplace are great ways to add some festive flair. Your fireplace is the perfect feature to decorate plus traditionally stockings are hung above the fire.

Your fireplace is usually the focal point of your room and often your tree and presents sit pride of place next to the fire creating a gorgeous Christmas setting. In this guide we offer some fireplace decorating tips as well as some gorgeous images to truly inspire you whilst hopefully getting you all excited for the big day!

Vintage Display:

Create a vintage inspired display by placing baubles in old jars and positon them both on the fireplace and your mantel piece. Find large jars or candles lanterns of various sizes and fill them with coloured baubles. If you’re going for a luxurious look stick to neutral colours like white, cream and gold. If you’re going for the fun modern look use multi-coloured baubles. baubles                                

Hang a wreath:

A wreath is a classic Christmas decoration and can look stunning featured above your fireplace. If you normally have a picture or photograph positioned above your fireplace replace these over the Christmas season with a wreath. To enhance the look of the wreath why not positon candle sticks and other decorative items either side creating a striking look.

wreath 1                                      

Lay a garland:

Foliage and winter berries are classic Christmas flowers and adding these to your fireplace can create a natural outdoorsy feel. Often these come in the form of a long garland that you can drape beautifully across your fireplace. Some garlands are also enhanced further with fairy lights and other decorative features such as pine cones adding a charming Christmas look. Add some candles and glass wear to fill any gaps and there you have it, a simple yet very effective Christmas feature.


Enhance your mirror:

Traditionally a mirror is hung above your fireplace and this mirror can also add to the festive feel. Many gold and bronze style sunburst mirrors are used as a modern take on the traditional arched overmantle style mirror adding to the Christmas decorations. If you have a traditional mirror why not hang a small wreath from the so it lies beautifully over your mirror. The combination of the wreath with the mirror will instantly catch the eye of guests creating a stunning look. Additionally adding tinsel and even baubles to your mirror will also add that festive flair.

sunburst mirror                              

Candles and Crystals: Keep your living room bright with a host of candles, lanterns and crystal accessories. You may be able to get away with simply having the light from the candles, lanterns and your Christmas tree which will offer a beautiful cosy setting.

Decorate the mantelpiece with a collection of candles sticks, holders and crystal accessories. Enhance the look further by placing some white fairy lights trailing along your fireplace. You can even use decorative twigs and other Christmas knick-knacks to fill the gaps. If you have a mirror featured above your fireplace this will reflect the light from your decorations and project it around your room.

candles 1                                  

For further inspiration on Christmas fireplace decorations head over to our pinboard where we have some more gorgeous images of Christmas settings. On behalf of everyone at Exclusive Mirrors we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas x