Happy December everyone! We’re fully in the Christmas spirit and decorating the home has to be one of our favourite traditions. Whilst you’ve probably decorated the tree and popped your wreath on the door there’s possibly one place you haven’t thought to decorate…your mirror!

This post is about creating a feature or focal point using your mirror. Everyone has one so why not dress it up for the season. Often found in your living room, entrance hallway or dining room these mirrors can easily be decorated enhancing your Christmas display. What’s more it’s slightly different and may be something friends or family haven’t seen before.

In the living room your fireplace can become the base for your Christmas décor. A garland is a helpful prop and can be draped along your mantle for an instant decorative flair. In the customer photo below ornaments have been used alongside a decorative star positioned directly in front of the mirror creating an instant eye catching look.

christmas fireplace decor

Customer Photo credit: instagram Patirobins 

simple as it sounds placing a Christmas tree or any other large Christmas ornament in front of an oversized leaner mirror can create quite the impact. Not only will the large mirror reflect the tree projecting it around your room it will also add depth to your space; perfect for smaller sized living rooms. The decorative elements such as baubles, lights and tinsel will create a dazzling effect adding a charming Christmassy feel to your room.

christmas living room decor

Customer Photo credit: instagram homebythecoast

If you have an existing mirror in your entrance hallway why not dress it up!? If your budget allows buy a wreath and drape it in front of the mirror for a rustic look. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle hang baubles or bunting along the frame. Get creative and dress the mirror with DIY paper cut outs, these could be snowflakes, cute Christmas wishes or family members names.

christmas hallway decor

Photo Credit: Pinterest

So we’ve decorated the hallway, living room and possibly the dining room but have you ever thought of perhaps adding a subtle Christmas flair to your toilet or bathroom?! This charming photo we spotted on Pinterest gave us some fabulous inspiration. A simple bow and some Christmas foliage (mistle toe could work too) can easily inject Christmas flair into rooms where you may not expect it! We’re certain guests will appreciate it and complement you on your creative Christmas flair.

christmas bathroom decor

Photo credit: Pinterest

Enjoy the festive season everyone x