How to… Clean Mirrors! Not the most exciting topic ever, but if you’ve ever tried to clean a mirror you will understand how frustrating it can be. From one angle it looks clean, only for you to move across the room to see unsightly streaks or smears. Searching the Internet can produce all sorts of weird and wonderful answers for getting the glass of your mirror to sparkle. From using scrunched up newspaper, mixing white vinegar with concoctions of chemicals, through to using coffee filters as cloths. I am sure that all of these solutions hold merit, but in actual fact achieving that desired shine is so simple… The biggest culprit for ‘dirt’ on mirrors is dust, especially around the edges next to the frame. My first piece of advice is therefore to start from the middle of the mirror and work outwards. Starting at the edges is the most natural way to start your cleaning, but by doing so with a mirror you are more likely to spread the condensed dirt right across the face of the glass, making the task at hand much more difficult. Step 1: Dust! Using a clean dry cloth, start in the middle of the mirror and move the surface dust on the mirror to the edges. You can then go around the frame edge to clean away any loose dirt. Step 2: Wash! Put a tiny drop of washing up liquid in a bowl of warm water. The amount of liquid should be so minute that you simply get a couple of surface bubbles on the top of the water and nothing more, it should almost be as though there is nothing in the water. Rinse a new cloth in this water and ring it out so that it is just damp (not dripping water) and wash the surface of your mirror, again from the middle outwards. Step 3: Dry! This stage is vital if you want that perfect shine. Use a dry, lint-free cloth and literally dry your mirror and you’ve guessed it, start in the middle and work outwards. Working in the industry that I do, cleaning mirrors is a regular occurrence for me and it was actually my window cleaner that recommended this technique to me, because after all a mirror is just glass at the end of the day. So when you are following these simple steps think like a window cleaner: Middle then edges. Dust! Wash! Dry! Foot note: Despite what my window cleaner may have suggested, mirrors are not 'just glass'! If cared for and hung in the right places, mirrors can create the illusion of space, reflect light and can even be used as works of art in their own right. As well as their obvious functional uses, decorative mirrors can form a focal point in a room. Follow this blog for more 'How to' tips and ideas for using mirrors in your home or place of work.